Pensions and Investments Performance - How to Target a 20% Annual Return!


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The most important criteria in picking pensions or investments to deposit your funds in, is their performance.

Many investors are disappointed in their pensions and investments performance, as the majority of fund mangers cannot even beat the index!

In recent years, this has led to a huge growth in index tracker funds.

Pensions and Investments can beat the Index! Here is an outline of what you need to look for when seeking an advisory service with the potential to achieve an above average return on your pensions and investments while keeping drawdowns low.

Also outlined is a method that has actually returned over 20% annually.

Here are four tips on getting a better return on your pensions and investments.

Four Tips to Finding a Good Pensions and Investments Manager

1. Check the past performance of all the funds under management - you want to know what is the overall performance of the fund manager - i. e. make sure they’re not just showing you the good ones.

2. Look at the drawdowns, so you know the risk of the investment. You should also find out what their policy on money management is.

3. What are the fees?

How much do you pay and how does this impact on performance and drawdown.

Fees on your pensions and investment add up!

4. Does the manager have a conflict of interest?

Fund managers who not only make management fees, but also receive some of the dealing fees manage many pensions and investments. If this is the case, there is a conflict of interest, as they may trade to earn dealing fees, rather than concentrating purely on the investments performance.

W D Gann’s Amazing Method One trading method that you should consider when seeking above average growth potential in pensions and investments are the methods of W D Gann.

$50 million in profits! Gann was one of the most famous investors of all time amassing a fortune of $50 million dollars. He predicted the 1929 stock market crash for example a year in advance and then proceeded to buy the Dow’s lows in 1932!

Gann died in 1955, but his methods are still in use today by astute investors and traders worldwide.

Just like any good investment method, the techniques work on a wide variety of markets and aim to run the big profitable trends and liquidate losses quickly.

Your pensions and investments can benefit from this method of trading – it’s the basic logic upon which all successful trading occurs.

It’s Your Money! So, invest it wisely. If you have a self-administered scheme, a sipp, a stock or commodity fund, make sure that when you pick a manager you pick the right one.

To learn more about using Gann methods to improve your pensions and investments performance please visit our web site:


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