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Massive Global Real Estate Boom - Fueled By Global Warming


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Think the real estate markets are slowing down ? Think the “real estate boom" is cooling down ?

Well, fasten your seat belts and hang on tight. . .

For you may not have seen nothing yet !

Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere for the past few years, you know what scientists have been saying about global warming and its effect on the environment . . .

Most of the predictions are not the stuff of bed time stories. They do not make pleasant reading, to put it simply. Increase in global temperatures, rise in sea levels and so on . . .

Now, regardless of whether these claims hold any water or not, if you are a real estate investor, then you might want to take these warnings seriously . . .

But Why Do You Have To Care Anyway ?

Well, for the simple reason - your customers do. And you make money by selling them stuff they want to buy.

Markets are not driven by science. Or logic. Or by complex calculus. They are driven by one and only one thing. . .

People's Moods.

If people are in a buoyant mood, the markets move up. If they are frustrated, they crash. If people are scared, guess what happens to the markets?

If the warnings about rising sea levels keep coming, people may start paying heed. The first few times, they do not seem to care. Then they try to ignore. . . and after a while, they start to believe it's all true. And they get scared. . .

What do they do when they get scared ? Well, to start with, they may stop buying homes in coastal areas. And people living in the coastal areas may start selling their homes at ridiculously low prices. . .

And start buying homes a few hundred miles away from the coast. Creating a massive boom of unheard of proportions. . .

How ?

Today, an estimated sixty percent of the global population live within 97 kilometers of the sea. What would happen if even a small percentage of them feel unsafe and start buying homes a few hundred miles away from the coast?

A massive real estate boom of unimaginable proportions!

A Massive Real Estate Boom the Like of Which No One Has Ever Seen Before !

This boom will be driven by people moving away from the coasts. First, it may be a trickle. Over time as the warnings continue, it may turn into a massive flood.

And a few smart investors will make many a pretty penny!

Heart-Breakingly Beautiful Oceanfront Real Estate!


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What is Global Warming
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