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Why Now is an Ideal Time to Invest in Land

Are you wary of relying on the stock market for your retirement? Or perhaps you’ve tried to increase your net worth with rental properties but are tired of dealing with tenants.

Let’s face it. Ultimately, the ideal investment opportunity is one with low risks, high profits and little leg work.

If you agree, read on to find out why investing in land is one of the most sound investment strategies available today. You’ll learn why it is a viable opportunity for most investors, both large and small.

Simply put, unlike developed property, such as an apartment building or strip mall, land offers a safer and higher return. When compared to other financial instruments, the profits are even more impressive. For example, during the past few years, stocks and bonds have had average returns of 4 to 8 percent. In contrast, land investments have realized cash on cash returns greater than 200 percent.

Advantages of Leveraging. . .

Another advantage of investing in land is the fact that it requires less money upfront than other types of properties. For individuals who qualify, only a 5 percent down payment is needed instead of the traditional 10 percent. The bank will provide the remaining 95 percent. This means double your leverage for a greater return on investment.

Investors are attracted to real estate because of leveraging. You can purchase an expensive property using 0 to 20 percent of your own money while financing the rest. Consider these examples, which assume that a property was held for one year. Let’s say you put down 20 percent and then the property increased in value by 20 percent. You will make a 100 percent return. (For simplicity reasons, closing costs, taxes, etc. weren’t calculated in this figure). Now, what if you put down half of that amount—say 10 percent—and the property appreciated at the same rate of 20 percent? In this scenario you would make a 200 percent return.

As you can see, the less money you put down, the greater your return. Finally, consider this scenario. Suppose you put down just 5 percent and the property increased in value by 20 percent. You would make a 400 percent return!

The Appeal of Pre-Construction Property. . .

Real estate investors looking for “ground floor" land investment prospects are finding that pre-construction planned developments are the perfect opportunity. One reason is because many developers will cover your mortgage payments for up to two years. So ultimately you pay nothing, buy at pre-development prices, make no payments while experiencing appreciation and then realize significant profits when you sell.

The pre-construction stage is sold at a rock bottom price because you purchase before amenities such as roads, golf courses, schools, club houses and recreational facilities are in place, which make a property appreciate.

A Win-Win Proposition. . .

The majority of land projects are in primary and secondary home locations. As an investor in pre-construction property, you will obtain a desirable neighborhood location along with a small percentage of other investors.

Because second homes appreciated faster over the past two years than primary homes, many home buyers view owning a second home as a win-win proposition. They enjoy an investment while also owning a second home.

Today’s Hot Spots. . .

A land investment is only as good as its location. The South Atlantic area, particularly Florida and the Carolinas, is a hot market for real estate because 75 percent of potential retirees are interested in moving there. That means an estimated 50 million people could head South over the next 20 years. They are attracted to the warmer climate and simpler lifestyle, according to “American Demographics Magazine. "

This is a new and unprecedented era because it is the first time in history that such a significant shift in real estate buying patterns has occurred. We are currently in the very early stages of this major demographic shift. Smart investors are purchasing now and have peace of mind knowing that there is a safe and reliable exit strategy when they want to sell.

Act Now. . .

By acting now, you’ll lock in the lowest payments. Keep in mind that as more investors take advantage of these opportunities, price points continue to rise, sometimes on a monthly basis.

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