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For thousands of years, gold coins have been used as currency in many cultures. It is believed that the first gold coins used as currency were produced somewhere between 560 and 547 B. C. by King Croesus of Lydia. Ever since then, gold coins have been used by countless other civilizations as a form of currency. Gold coins today are used by some people as a form of investment.

Many investors believe that investing in gold coins is safer than other forms of currency is because of its security. The currency of any country has the risk of devaluation and inflation. Gold is independent from political or economic variables that are associated with other forms of currency. Gold has also been historically seen as a precious and valuable commodity. Years of historical record have proven that gold is reliable in keeping its value. In fact, it has shown that it has the tendency to increase in value.

It is believed by some investors that they best way to protect their portfolio during the troubled times that we live in is to invest in gold. With fears of another terrorist attack, there is also fear of a crash in the stock market, as well as a prospect of a recession. Their fears of economic instability can be put at ease by the stability gold coins offer.

Gold is not confined to any particular country. It is traded globally, and it is easily liquidated at any time. The demand for gold is constantly on the rise, causing the price to rise along with it.

Despite the conservative and secure nature of investing in gold coins you must be careful where you buy them. You must make sure you buy from a reputable and licensed gold dealer. There are plenty of places that will sell you low quality merchandise, and they can cheat you out of your money.

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