Domain Registration: Register Your Domain but Don't Rush Into a Hosting Package

Aaron Davis

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One of the first things that a new business needs to do is establish a web presence. That usually starts with registering a domain name and then purchasing a hosting package. Many of the domain registrars also provide hosting and they should, it is logical to pair these services. These registrars almost always create an attractive hosting + domain registration package and new businesses almost always go for it. There is nothing wrong with offering these packages and there is usually nothing wrong with the services themselves. The problem is buying into something before you know what you really need. These packages are, in most cases, very basic in their capabilities. Most will not support any type of database programming. This lack of functionality will drastically limit what you can do with your new site. I have some suggestions for the new businesses out there.

  1. Register your domain but don’t commit to a hosting package. This is very important because until you have received the advice of the person or company developing your web site you could be wasting your money.
  2. Enlist the services of a freelance web developer or a local web development company. This will prove to be a valuable step in establishing your web presence. The freelance web developers tend to be much less expensive than development companies. They are used to getting new companies up and running quickly.
  3. Allow your developer to secure hosting and work it into the cost of your web site. Web developers almost always have 1 or 2 hosting companies that they know are reliable. This can also be beneficial because the new hosting can be used for development under a different domain name. Web hosting companies provide a temporary URL that can be used until you are ready to go live with your site.

The bottom line is to check with your web developer before you commit to anything. If you enlist the services of a good developer/designer you will not have a problem securing exactly what you need for your web site.

Aaron Davis is a freelance web/application developer. He has been a web/application developer for more than 12 years. His specialty is . NET development with C# and SQL Server.


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Domain Registration & Web Hosting explained
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