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Nicholas Dixon

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A domain name and paid hosting are considered essential for an internet marketer. Majority of the websites that are successful have their own domain name and a paid host. However , is it possible to run a successful website on free hosting ?

A lot of people will answer no to that question. But it is very much possible if the right marketing techniques are applied. First of all , what is free hosting ? A website is basically stored for free on a company’s server and in return some will put their ads on your site for free.

This can be very annoying indeed sometimes. In the case where there are two or more pop-up ads displayed , some people will not bother to look at your content.

Another thing to look at is that you will lose some credibility. Having a website on free hosting will not show you up as being truly professional. People will wonder what are you doing with your revenue if you generate any.

Still, this can be overcome to a certain degree. How can this be done ? Simply. By giving your visitors the best quality information as possible. Make that the best original content.

Optimising your website is also key. Title, description and keywords tags are very important to your site’s success. The title, description and keyword tag combination can send your ranking mile high. Test several variations and see which one works best.

Link popularity can make or break your website. Almost all of the major search engines use this as the main factor when giving you a ranking. You need to find quality websites similar to yours to link with. The more quality links, the better it is for you.

So, you still don’t believe it is possible ? My very first website is hosted free on the Geocities network. It has achieved #1 and top ten positions in dozens of search term categories on MSN, Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Excite and Plus two awards.

A domain name and paid hosting are considered essential for an internet marketer. However, if these are not in place your website can still be successful. All you need to do is apply yourself and the right marketing techniques.

P. S. A little secret here. A positive mindset is the best marketing tool you possess. Learn to use it wisely in your marketing campaigns.

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