Why Ignoring the Unlimited Hosting Plan is the Smart Way to Go


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Anyone in the market for a Web site host has certainly come across a hosting company offering unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space as part of their hosting packages. How do they do this? How physically, can they offer unlimited disk space when each server has a finite amount of disk space available for use? Perhaps more importantly, how can they offer unlimited bandwidth when the Internet does indeed have limitations?

Some consumers see the term unlimited and assume that that they can’t go wrong. This is merely a marketing ploy just like unlimited minutes on your cell phone or unlimited trips to the salad bar. At some point, there will be a limit. And in most cases, it’ll cost you.

So why are unlimited plans even around? Because there are still consumers that just don’t know enough about Web hosting and assume that bigger is better. They generally see a low cost plan (sometimes under $10/month, watch out!) and don’t think twice. If you have a business Web site, the least you should be paying for quality Web hosting is $20 per month.

However, if you decide to go that route, be sure to read the fine print. Unlimited hosting packages generally have terms dictating that when you reach a certain point, they can either raise the cost of hosting drastically or even shut down your Web site! Remember, they’re in business to make money and aren’t going to run their business at a loss to simply retain your business.

So what can you do to avoid a hosting nightmare? First, find a hosting company where you can actually talk to a live person. This may sound obvious, but many large hosting providers only offer technical support via email with up to 24-hour response times. If your site goes down, are you willing to wait 24 hours for a response? Check to see if they even list a phone number on their Web site. Many large hosting providers don’t and consumers don’t even think to look for it until something is wrong with their site.

Second, discuss your needs with the Web hosting company. While most companies have set packages, some will be willing to customize hosting plans so that you only pay for the services you need. If a host isn’t willing to discuss the needs of your site with you, how helpful are they going to be as your site expands and your requirements increase?

Finally, plan for your growth. Don’t simply choose the cheapest plan because it meets your current needs. Assume that your Web site is going to increase its traffic over time and be sure that when it does, there are no hassles or downtime. Pay a little bit more if you have to because in Web site hosting especially, you get what you pay for.

If you have a Web site for your business, Web hosting is the most critical aspect because without it, your site is useless. Knowing that your hosting provider is dependable and responsive can make all the difference because ideally, the only time you ever really need to talk to them is when something is wrong. It all comes down to the idea that if they’re willing to be deceitful to get your business by offering an unlimited plan, how can you be confident that they’ll be honest when you need them the most? Taking time to select the right host can make all the difference and let’s face it, while there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space, there also is no such thing as 100% uptime. You’ll need your host, so choose wisely.

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