Remembering Your First Internet KISS

J.A. Elliott

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Do you remember your fist KISS; was it really how you imagined it would be? Well let me continue. If your first kiss was disappointing, was it through lack of knowledge of how a kiss should be, or was it simply your nervousness or anticipation of what was coming that made it such a flop. Your excitement growing more and more, as the moment arrived, your throat drying by the second, hands and knees trembling. Then it was gone in an instant.

Building your first website from scratch is just like that first apprehensive kiss, as you try to anticipate everything beforehand, and are so anxious to please, both yourself and your potential visitors. Running through your mind things like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and, will the dreaded Google bot like your site and index it. Will your visitors like you and what you are selling? All this and much more rushing through your overworked brain, causing many a sleepless night or just burning that old midnight oil in an attempt to perfect everything.

Here is your first Internet KISS, and the concept of these four powerful letters will now become clear. Keep It Simple Stupid is an old Internet saying or KISS for short, now that wasn’t so painful, or as bad as you thought, was it, but it’s your first time so do take note of this very easy to remember principal. Your web pages do not have to be complex, far from it, to be effective, they don’t need tons of images scattered everywhere either. Why the most productive websites on the Internet have very few graphics at all, and even those are reduced to a very small file size. Take my own website The Corner 4 for instance, now take a really good close look at it, and you too, will realise that it actually has very few graphics at all and the individual pages load fairly quickly and smoothly. This is the KISS, as it glides effortlessly into your browser, and excites your senses as the ambient music invites you in. Learn simple HTML and use a free WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) html editor. Even in its basic form, you would soon grasp the basics to build a lovely mini site of 2 or 3 pages very quickly, nothing needs to be complex at all, leave this for the more advanced webmasters or for when you yourself become more proficient.

Knowledge is power, and if you had really studied the nuances of a kiss in the first place, then your own first one, would have been so much better and the experience so much more pleasant. The same applies to website building, read all you can first, the Internet is and can be a harsh and unforgiving environment for the newbie webmaster. Yet the Internet itself can offer many riches and become your virtual reference library for anything you wish to know, and yes all for free. This cornucopia of knowledge is simply out there ready and waiting for you to explore through your browser.

If actually building a website from scratch still sounds too daunting, then why not try a free blog just to get a feel of things, or even the services of a free hosting company such as Tripod, who provide you with some free online tools to have a website up and running very quickly. You don’t have to spend a fortune on anything, especially when as a newbie, you need to be able to get a feel for everything first. Take small steps at a time, and don’t try competing with the larger more established sites until your own site begins to gain its own Internet presence. Remember never stop learning, as the more you do learn the more proficient you’ll become, and potentially the more successful too in the long run. A wise old sage once said that, learning a little more each day is what makes and keeps him wise with his years of accumulated knowledge, for its only a foolish person who thinks he knows everything.

In conclusion remember the KISS principal, and most of all enjoy your online venture and experiences, don’t be afraid of failure or making mistakes, as this is how you ultimately learn, improve and move on. Each time getting better and better, by not giving up, and persevering.

John A. Elliott Aka Oaky Wood is currently the Co-Founder of “The Corner 4 Women©2006" is a Poet, writer, artist, webmaster and designer. He is also the owner of the Oakwood Grafix©2005 Group of websites and has been a single parent for over 10 years, bringing up his 2 children in the UK. This article may be reproduced provided it is unedited in any way with all links intact, and the copyright is retained by its original author above.


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