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There’s no limit to the kinds of information you can catch online. . .

The Website Industry offers a rare opportunity in Marketing; the ability to accurately track the effectiveness of any strategies you may choose to implement in your Website.

Being able to acquire, evaluate, and apply this information is paramount to being successful at overcoming all the hurdles between you and a profitable Web Site.

Tracking the following three areas of a Web Site’s performance will allow you to make corrections and revisions that will maximize a website’s potential success.

1. Web Site Traffic

2. Browser Navigation

3. Traffic Conversion

Companies evaluate web site visitor activity to better understand a customers interests, improve website navigation, and increase the profitability of online sales. By analyzing website traffic patterns, site navigation, page views and transactions, marketers can design more compelling web sites and give visitors better incentive to buy and return. With the low switching costs present on the World Wide Web, companies know that a visitors experience must offer enough value to induce repeat visits. Companies rigorous in their analytical approach to online merchandising and/or sales are realizing lower marketing costs, higher online revenue and improved customer loyalty.

Website traffic reporting is an excellent tool for testing the effectiveness of a “pay per click" campaign. By designing different landing pages for a keyword phrase you can monitor and evaluate the conversion rate of visitors. By testing out different graphical layouts and the wording on your website, you can refine your design to its optimal performance.

There are numerous software packages and online tools for monitoring your website traffic. The difficult task is how to effectively evaluate this information. Salmon Roe Club is now offering a FREE two month trial of their highly renowned Website Reporting Tool. This online website reporting will give you real time reporting, measuring such information as unique visitor history, what search engines and what keywords browsers are using to find specific pages on your website, what companies and organizations are referring traffic to you, what specific pages browsers are viewing, monitoring pay per click campaigns, tracking conversion rates of sales and contacts as well as a wealth of other crucial information.

These reports are all displayed in a concise format, utilizing charts and graphs to enhance readability for the end user. Many companies offer similar products for free, or what seems like a “too good to be true" pricing. Be wary of these companies as many of them do not deliver what they promise.

Don't just sit back and passively monitor your website. By being proactive you can effectively increase the conversion rates of your visitors and dramatically increase your online presence.

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Free Website Tracking - (Save Your Money For Fried Pork Rinds)
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