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What Is Augmented Reality & Why Is It Trending?


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The rush of technology advancement has taken augmented reality to another level. It presents the futuristic technology and provides with an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world is augmented. With the digitization its replacing the actual reality with augmented reality. It utilizes the existing environment to produce mobile apps and redefine the overall mobile app development experience for users. Before we dive deep into why its trending let's know more about augmented reality.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented comes from the word augments, which means to add or enhance something. It’s an advanced technology which enhances the natural environment or situations while offering perceptually enriched experience with the help of advanced computer vision and object recognition. It is also a perfect blend of the digital world and the physical elements to create an artificial environment using high-quality sound, graphics, and images.

The global augmented reality market is expected to grow significantly to about 198 billion U. S. Dollars by 2025.

With the emergence of technology, it's changing the perception of reality. It allows users to visualize the product and imagine what it might feel like to own the product and experience the service before even purchasing the item.

Types of Augmented Reality

Marker-Based Augmented RealityMarkerLess Augmented RealityProjection Augmented RealitySuperimposition Based Augmented Reality

Why Augmented Reality Is Trending?

The New Dimension of Customer Interaction: - Augmented reality is changing the way marketing works. Bringing new dimensions of customer interaction and improving the way business works. From business to business to business to consumer and everything in between has transformed and brought to highlighted persistent experience. It has grabbed the attention of millions of smartphone users by providing them with advanced solutions. Most augmented reality app development companies are adopting this incredible technology to see the mobile app development market transformed.

Augmented Reality Based Device Innovations: - The augmented reality-based app provides with better user experience and is more interactive as compared to non-AR apps. All the AR app developers bringing innovation and creativity in the field using this technology. It's redefining the app development experience and allowing developers to bring more and more innovations to capture the overall market. It has brought print catalogs and big boards to be more interactive and creating new advertising possibilities. This technology helps in developing devices which helps you visualize through augmented 3D models like:

Smartphone and Tablets

Special AR Devices

Smart Glasses

Smart Contact lenses

Virtual Retinal Display

Industry-Specific Changes: - This groundbreaking technology is bringing innovation and creativity in all the industries. From education to tourism it has covered everything possible. It allows augmented reality development company to bring better customer engagement and increase awareness. Without further ado, let's find out more about its contribution to industry-specific changes.

Healthcare: - AR helps you train, diagnose, monitor, and enhance user engagement.

Education: - From mathematics to chemistry AR allow developers to create interactive models for learning and training purpose.

Military: - Mark objects in real-time using AR and get advance navigation solutions.

Retail: - Brings better customer engagement while increasing online purchasing percentage rate.

AR in Real World: - This prominent technology allows mobile app developers to interact with the real world in digital form while experiencing a real-life environment. It has exceeded the expectations and beaten the estimates of the market by coming up with something really great. This technology is bridging the gap between the users and app developers while helping organizations to develop more appealing applications. It helps the user to see the real world and project digital information in the existing environment.

AR Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence: - Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality, both are leading the market with advanced solutions. By combining both, you can dominate the market and focus on rich applications and game development. Augmented reality game development has already got the audience attention with Pokemon go and with the machine, learning developers are ready to bring something new to the market.

If you wish to own augmented reality development company then keep these trends in mind and make the most of out of these trends and technologies.


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