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The Android Technology - How It Could Boost Your Business


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Along with the fame of the latest technology and newest gadgets, comes another innovation for the smart phones. The actual technology seen today used in smart phones is none other than the Android platform-the advanced technology. This new technology indulges three main components and they are the OS (operating system), programming language and hardware devices that go along with Android phones.

The Android technology was invented by none other than Google themselves, to cater to the needs of the Droid smart phones. The advanced technology of Android acts as a medium and helps the software developers in developing built-in applications for the smart phones using Android platform.

Android applications consist of social media networking, games and other modules, which are useful for business purposes. Today, the usage of Android technology has grown to millions of users, as it is easily available on the web for downloading purposes.

All of the applications that are available are already considered a necessity, for it makes life more at ease with a few touches. Considering the vast demands of today’s business industry, the Android Technology can boost ones businesses thru the use of Android Applications, or more popularly known as Android Apps. Android Applications would go as far as viewing your documents wherever you are, having a prompt video conference without worrying of slow 3G or 4G signals because Wi-Fi connections are somehow good enough, creating spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, pulling up business maps, Up-to-date currency conversions, all of that and more while you’re on the go.

Android not only helps you in organizing a person’s business life but takes him directly there as well; especially with Garmin-Asus A10 which comes in with an in-built navigation that takes you there. An Android device also helps users to access tools such as maps, search strings, GPS, etc, and all this with a faster and simpler access. You can forget about getting a separate Sat Nav system in your 4-wheelers since Android is here to assist you on this. As a user you can surf websites, access your emails and reach your destination on time with the help of your Android device.

Imagine the power of doing almost everything while on the move. That is why more and more consumers were attracted to use this technology, and thus, the boost of most businesses or companies by having this type of technology. The followers and users of Android technology have crossed 9 million today and the number seems to be growing on a daily basis only for the reason being the advanced technology used in Android platform.

The author is an expert Android Application Developer . The author has been a part of mobile application development company and spends most of the time researching and providing simple solutions via his articles. In case of any questions with respect to Android Application Development you may contact our team of professionals who will be more than happy to help you.


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