Ten Ways NOT to Set Up a Website-based Service Business

Cathy Goodwin

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1. As the first step, “Hire a web designer. "

First create a storyboard of your website, based on your strategy.

2. Focus on graphics, typefaces and colors.

Focus on potential clients and customers.

3. Avoid anything that has to do with “strategy. "

Spend more time on strategy than on website design.

4. Rely on your web designer for all the updates.

Only if your designer is also your significant other! You may need to make changes as often as once a day. Even if you have infinite financial resources, your designer may not have infinite time for you.

5. Avoid learning HTML.

You need a smattering of HTML even if you use a package. If something goes wrong, you'll save time if you can take a quick peek at the source code.

6. Take a course in web design after your site has gone public.

You may not need a course. Begin with a practice website, using a free package like Netscape's Composer, or PageMill, which has been bundled with iMacs. Most ISP's offer free websites for personal use. Don't use the “quick design" option: Write your own code and practice uploading!

7. Rely on submitting your name to search engines to generate traffic.

Supplement by submitting content to popular sties.

8. Refuse to pay for a pro to help with writing web content. If your strength lies in pictoral or oral communication, get help! Words count.

9. Ignore your competitive websites.

Don't steal what's copyrighted, but learn from everybody else.

10. Create a concept that requires more than three sentences to explain.

You're lucky if your audience listens beyond the first sentence. I offer one-to-one consultations for anyone considering starting a business.

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Cathy Goodwin, Ph. D. , is an author, speaker and career/business consultant, helping midlife professionals take their First step to a Second Career. http://www.cathygoodwin.com .

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Top Ten Ways to Promote Your Website When the Traffic Dries Up
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