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Visitors to your site come looking for information or solutions to their problems. They will remain there if they find what they are looking for. Otherwise there is always that Back Button to the search engine to click another site.

So the success of your site depends not on bringing the visitors to your site but on keeping them interested and willing to look around once they are there.

You can do this only by giving information of their interest.

For example, when a housewife looking to shape up comes to your weight loss site, she expects to find ways to deal with her weight problem.

What would be her reaction if she sees just a pic of your product, a list of its features and the Buy Now button. Of course, your page is also showing a nice picture of shapely bathing beauty implying what she could look like if she used your product, but will it cut much ice with her?

She has already seen so many such ads on TV, internet and in magazines. No, she doesn't need yet another weight loss ad. She has seen them all. She doesn’t want to get inferiority complex, looking at glamorous pictures. She wants ways to solve her problem.

But she would be interested if your site tells her . . .

1. How to find out if she is really overweight from the ideal weight tables on your site

2. Which foods cause weight gain

3. What simple exercises can help her reduce fat

This is the information she can use immediately. She can check if she is really overweight, if she is eating the wrong foods and how she can start doing simple exercises to fix her problem.

By helping to solve her problems without asking her to spend anything, you have put her in the right frame of mind to click your ads or to look at the weight loss product you are suggesting.

This, of course, doesn't guarantee that she will buy your product on the first visit - few visitors do. But by giving her useful information, you have gained her trust. She may come to your site again to check for some more information. She may tell her friends about your site. She or one of her friends may buy your product. Return visits and referrals increase the chances of any site for making sales.

I have used weight loss as an example but this goes for whatever the theme of your site – internet marketing, home based business or something else.

Bottom line: You are more likely to succeed if you help your visitors instead of comin on with a strong sales pitch. Who wants to be sold to? Do you?

Nissar Jagani

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