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Since the dawn of the Internet, many online businessmen have tried to capitalize on a variety of aspects that they hoped would become profitable. They have tried diversity in the form of purchasing resale rights; superiority of numbers in the form of affiliate programs; consistency in the form of mailing lists; and subterfuge in the form o back links and back doors.

One of the more profitable aspects that have yet to be fully exploited is exclusivity, through paid membership sites. The reason why not that many Internet marketers have jumped into this particular bandwagon is because of the impression that paid membership sites are pretty difficult to build. This is not entirely true. This article would teach you how to create your own paid membership site and how to win as many members as possible.

Preliminary Considerations

It goes without saying that the first thing that you would need is a concept. What kind of paid membership site would you want to establish? What exclusive products or services would you wish to distribute?

To give you an idea about what concepts you could employ, here are some examples of successful paid membership sites in existence today:

Paid membership sites that offer information product packages, inclusive of eBooks, sales pages, headers and other graphics, promotional articles, and keyword lists. New packages are offered every month, with each package designed to cater to a specific niche.

Paid membership sites that offer keyword lists of the most profitable AdSense keywords. New keyword lists would also be given every month.

Paid membership sites that offer content article packages. The ownership of these packages would be limited to how many members there are in the site. New packages are also offered every month.

Paid membership sites that offer total solutions packages. These include web hosting, web templates, products to sell with corresponding sales pages, auxiliary scripts, and many more. The member would continue enjoying these for as long he maintains his membership.

Paid membership sites that offer turnkey, or ready-to-make-money packages. The most profitable paid membership site would depend on the niche you will settle on. If the market is hungry for your products, there is no reason why you will experience a drought of members.

Calculate Projected Profit

The problem with paid membership sites is that their selling point, which is exclusivity, can easily be abused. If you would offer the same products or services to 2,000 members, for example, your paid membership site won’t be as inviting as a program that restricts its subscriber’s base to 200 members.

The rule to follow is this: the higher the number of members you will accept, the lower your monthly price should be. Accepting a maximum number of 1,000 members, for example, should fetch a lower rate compared to a membership site limited to 100 members.

Adjusting the price in accordance with these variables is key in determining the sustainable profitability of your paid membership site.

Creating Your Paid Membership Website

There are many ways by which you could build your own paid membership website. In some of these, you don’t even have to be an expert with web programming. There are quite a number of third party software in the market which would allow you to integrate them and start accepting members almost immediately thereafter.

If you wish to have something a little more costly, but a lot more powerful, you could opt for total management systems that would give you absolute control over the operations of your paid membership site. You could customize every facet of the said website, schedule updates, automate payment processing and deliveries, and the likes. Since your paid membership website is expected to rake in some monumental earnings for you, taking this route would be an investment worth the expenses.

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