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Steps to Make a Website


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Listing the steps to make a website can be a rather difficult task because there are so many ways to make a website. In this way, the steps one person uses to make a website may be completely different to those someone else uses.

I would therefore encourage you to look around and consider advice from a variety of sources but here in this article I will break down my own steps to making a simple yet attractive website. As I'm sure you can imagine, setting up a large shopping site or something as complicated as Ebay or Facebook is too much to cover here, but we can look quite reasonably at the smaller sites.

For me, there are 5 principle steps to make a simple website. They are:

1) Set up your website address and web hosting account
2) Gather the software necessary to make your site
3) Create a general website template into which you can put your text
4) Duplicate the template so you can set up your website navigation
5) Finally, add your text to the various pages before uploading them to your web hosting account

Let's take a closer look at each one of these now.

Set Up Your Website Address And Web Hosting

Once you have the original concept for your website, select a suitable website address and order it together with your web hosting. Consider getting your website address and web hosting from the same company which saves time and makes life a little easier when it comes to setting up your site.

Gather The Software Necessary To Make Your Site

There are hundreds of different pieces of software available to help to make a website quickly and easily. These range in price from free up to several hundred dollars and the best bet is to download some free trials and see what you like the look of best.

Examples of software you might like to check out are Joomla, FrontPage, Dreamweaver abd some of the online web builders like those available at Site Build It and Website Wizard.

Familiarize yourself with the software you've chosen so you can make a reasonable-looking website without too many problems.

Create A General Website Template

Now you want to make a single page of your website. Don't worry about the text and so on - but choose the colors and the layout so it looks just like you want. Make a logo if you want one, add pictures and navigation areas.

You can speed up this process when making a website by either generating ideas from other people's websites (I keep a stack of web design magazines on hand at all times that contain thousands of pictures of existing websites that I can flick through for ideas) or by using one of the existing free website templates.

These templates have been premade by graphic designers and there are sites which host vast numbers of them so when you want to make a website you just go over, spend a while looking at the options and download the one you like best.

Then simply open it up in your web design software and make any changes necessary to make it look “just right".

Duplicate The Template To Set Up Your Website Navigation

Next, make enough copies of the page as necessary so you have one for each page you require on your site. Name them all differently and ensure the navigation menu you put into place in the last step now leads effortlessly to your various pages.

Add Your Text

In the final stage, add the various text and photographs you have the relevant pages and then upload them to your webhosting account for a final test.

Once you're happy you've followed all these steps to make a website and your site works as expected, you're all done. Good job!

Download your free “how do I build a website" tutorial videos today at:


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