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The Reality of W3C Validation


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People seem to worry about the W3C standards and making their website confirm to these standards far too much. Many people hear the buzz words surrounding this term and worry if their website needs to confirm to this, this is understandable as people want their website to be the best they can. So what is the reality of confirming to the W3C standards?

SEO and the W3C

Some website Design Company's claim that not confirming to these standards have a negative effect on your SEO. Well I have seen little or no evidence of this. Google itself does not pass the W3C validator. I will admit Google may take it into consideration if it passes validation or not, however, it is a very small part of the equation. The main focus on SEO should be getting quality one-way links to your website.

You and the W3C Validation

The reason websites fail the validation process is that there are many different programs and script's running on webpage's these days, made by different vendors and a lot of them don't conform to these standards. Also a client may want special features included in there website that won't conform, so web designers have to do what the client wants.

Browsers play a big part in this as well, as each browser displays the code of a website slightly differently and to get sites to work cross all browsers some work a-rounds have to be implemented. These work a-rounds can cause your website to fail.

I think too people worry about the w3c validator and don't focus on the main aims of their website. Your website won't drop out of Google because you website fails, and if it does pass, that doesn't mean that it will generate more revenue for your site.

If you looking for a website design and SEO company that can help with these issues I would recommend this company. You will also find more information on w3c validation here.

Although I do think it would be great if all websites confirmed to web standards, however I think we are a while away yet before we see this being the case. We will need to get all companies to work together to ensure this happens, but I'm not optimistic that this will happen. In the mean time why don't we all concentrate on making good quality websites that are accessible to all.

Michael Hanna


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Reality - Do We - Or Not Do We - That is the Question
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