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How Must I Build a Lead Capture Page?

Elmar Sandyck

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You start to understand the importance of building a mailing list when you are longer in the internet marketing business. “The future of your business is in the follow-up. " they used to say. That really has not changed online. Building a Lead Capture page is the best way to follow up with people.

In order you can build a mailing list of your own to make more sales in the future, let's first talk about building a lead capture page in this article.

1. If you know how to build websites then building a lead capture page is very simple. You need to create a separate page specifically for this as opposed to just pasting a form on your home page. There are many benefits for doing it this way.

2. On this page you will need to describe what you are offering to your visitor. This does not have to be very long but must include a catchy heading, and a concise description of why someone would want to give you their name and e-mail address.

3. You can create a short form with your autoresponder account. This form is easy to create and will include a code that you can place on the new page you are creating to capture leads.

One important point to remember is you really only need a person's name and e-mail address to do follow up, therefore there is no need to require additional information.

4. You will want to include a redirect page in the autoresponder form itself, once you have your lead capture page ready. This is a great place to sell an inexpensive product or to provide additional information after a person has given you their name and email address. Motivate people to give their name and email address by giving them a free gift. It is crucial that the free gift is valuable for them.

5. If you blog you may want to just create a lead capture page right on the blog itself. You can do this the same thing as a webpage and just paste the code from your autoresponder directly into the blog page you are creating.

6. From a marketing standpoint there is a benefit to creating many different lead capture ages. The nice thing about this is you can test to see which of these are creating the most responses for you.

This is a few tips on how to create a lead capture page. If you feel you are technically challenged, and cannot do this yourself, you can always go to the or similar websites and hire someone to build one for you.

Elmar Sandyck is an expert Online Home Business Consultant who specializes in creating unlimited streams of highly targeted free leads and generating instant cash, in particular in affiliate programs and network programs. If you'd like to get more information about these topics go here now : =>


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Marketing Your MLM Online 8 Criteria Your Capture Page Must Have
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