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The Best Website Counter

Stephan Smith

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As the Internet continues to grow in popularity and billion of users access it a day endlessly surfing one website to another, a relatively small but significant percentage of those people are creating their very own websites. Statistically, there is an average of one hundred thousand new websites per day. With so many websites being created per day and so many more potential visitors to attract, to know just how many visitors your website is pulling is important to know for any webmaster. That's where a good performing, reliable and dependable website counter comes into play. No one wants to be given bad information and having a website counter that generates inaccurate data will do just that.

So which website counters are reliable? Which ones are dependable and trustworthy? Well now that you know that not every website counter is worth placing on your website, to find a good one you must look the company or the organization that created the website counter. There are many website counters that are created by no name, incredible people, companies and organizations. Just because those people offer a website counter for free, does not mean that it is reliable. It could be just free junk. Look at the website, the company, the people who are offering the website counter and make a judgment call on whether it is wise to use their website counter. A free website counter should not automatically make you want to use it. So what is the best website counter? One of the most reliable and most trustworthy website counters available so far is the Google Analytics service.

Google Analytics is the best website counter because it is very reliable, dependable and trustworthy. It will give you accurate data and it is very user friendly. Its no coincidence that Google Analytics is owned and operated by Google incorporated. If you didn't know, Google is a search engine and so much more. Google is one of the most wealthiest and credible corporations on the planet Earth. With billions of dollars rushing into their wallets per year, Google is a massive empire with worldwide respect. So with so much at stake, will Google risk their respect by creating an average service such as Google Analytics? No, if they are going to create a service available for the general public, then they are going to give it their best. With billions at their disposal and endless resources, Google is more than capable of creating an amazing service. Google Analytics is also so much more than a mere website counter, capable is of giving you various stats at a click of a mouse.

How long on average are your visitors staying on your website? Don't know? Google Analytics can tell you that a so much more. In fact with so much information, Google Analytics can get slightly confusing. But with a dedicated support team just waiting for your questions, Google Analytics quickly propels itself into a legendary service. Also with full video tutorials like GlyticVideos, anyone can master the Google Analytics service overnight. Ah and I almost forgot, did you know that Google Analytics is 100% absolutely free? But to be able to fully use Google Analytics you have to master the service. That's where GlyticVideos comes in. After that, all I can say is, checkmate.

Go To GlyticVideos and master the Google Analytics service today! If you want to promote the GlyticVideos course and make some money doing it, visit the GlyticVideos Affiliates Page . The Best Google Analytics Tutorial ever!


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