Top Elements of Contemporary Website Design

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Website design never remains static. Those web design trends that were popular, let’s say, a year ago, lose their significance and new ones keep emerging on a regular basis. That is why, it is a must to be aware of the latest web design trends, if you wish to create a site that will be in demand with the audience and will adhere to the needs and requirements of users.

Web design elements are needed to help a web designer present a company or express the idea of creating a resource. Other elements give a website appealing and attention-grabbing look. There are also such elements, which help make the website functional, user-friendly and easy to use. Let’s review some of the elements of contemporary web design that are essential nowadays.

1. Typography Features

The majority of businesses prefer to use unique typography that has special features, which make the company recognizable among the competitors. This trend changes rarely, because there is always the need to make a company stand out in the crowd.

Nowadays, web designers are offered a rich choice of fonts, which can help them express the ideas and make the brand outstanding. The examples of such brands can be seen everywhere today, so, this is one of the major elements of successful web design.

2. Use of Background Videos

If you wish to attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to come back to your website over and over again, it makes sense to consider the use of background videos. These videos automatically appear at the background of a page as the side loads. They do not only drive the attention of visitors, but also help focus on the main message of the resource. It is not a secret that users like interactive features.

Web designers and website owners may notably benefit from this option as well, because a single video can tell much more than thousands of words or dozens of articles and images. This is very important nowadays, when people are pressed for time and cannot afford wasting this time browsing through a website and looking for the information they need. By using this feature, you increase the chances of your website for success.

3. Flat Design

Several years ago, flat design has changed three-dimensional design, which was so popular at that time. This step notably changed the overall perception of website design by users. Flat design makes it easier for visitors to get the idea of a website and it contributes to faster loading of web pages.

While flat design still remains popular nowadays, many companies and website owners decide to add their unique touch to their sites by making the design semi-flat. Addition of such elements as dimensions and subtle shadows does not make a website look too complicated, but it gives it style and uniqueness. This design should be primarily utilized on product pages, home pages and other sections of a website you wish to focus on.

4. Use of Hamburger Menus

Modern websites should look simple, but they also have to be functional and feature great performance. To reach these goals, there is no longer the need to offer your customers long menus, which occupy much screen space and make the overall website design look too bulky and complex. Instead, the use of hamburger menus is more preferable these days. These hidden menus do not compromise with functionality of a website, but they look more accurate and simple. They also make website navigation intuitive and understandable without affecting the web design as it is.

Elements of web design differ with regard to the types of websites and the goals web developers pursue during the process. There are numerous website builders that help create functional websites from scratch, getting the most out of versatile web design elements. Some of the best website builders are now available at, so you can have a look at them any time of the day.

Listed above are four basic web design trends that are observed nowadays. By taking them into account during the web design process, you can enhance the web presence of your potential users, encouraging them to visit your website again.


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