The Creative Cloud: Pros and Cons as Illustrated by Web Designers

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A web designer has plenty of tools in his pocket- or his PC/laptop. One or more of these tools is probably from the Adobe Creative Suite. But, major changes introduced by Adobe in May and June this year will be having a lot of impact on how web designers use these tools. Possible migration to other tools is a strong possibility.

In May, Adobe announced that it won’t be releasing Creative Suite 7, but instead will be launching the Creative Cloud, known simply as CC. Since then, it has been making waves in the designer community. Its subscription-based features are likely to put off several designers world over, but at the same time, may please several others.

Case-1: Let us take a look at the effects on a small-scale, shall we? Consider a web designer, working for a design agency in, say, we shall call him Web Designer. He has been a faithful Creative Suite devotee since its release in 2003. For the past decade, he has been upgrading as each version rolled out and has been quite happy with his Creative Suite 6. He was looking forward to the CS7.

Now that there won’t be a CS7, he is rather disappointed. He has been sticking to the Suites for ten years, after all. He has no intention of switching over to something that he’ll have to subscribe to and shell out $49.99 per month.

He, like many others, believes in certain myths surrounding the CC. He hasn’t yet realized that the apps in CC can be downloaded and run without the browser. Nor does he have to update his apps, if he doesn’t want to. Further, he is against the Behance Pro Site where he can share his work with others and can view theirs in turn.

Web Designer needs to do a lot of research before he makes up his mind about the Creative Cloud.

Case-2: Now, let’s consider Web Designer. She is a co-worker of the web designer mentioned above. This web designer is quite excited about the Creative Cloud. After all, the CC offers pretty much everything from Photoshop to Typekit and once she pays, she can access every Adobe software there is. Her agency can opt for the $69.99 per month program and get all the apps with a centralized billing. Since Web Designer uses many Adobe softwares, this is actually not a bad deal at all.

She is also looking forward to the Teams for Education, which allows people to share tutorials, tips and tricks with others. She doesn’t mind sharing her work on Behance and constructive criticism is always welcome. Moreover, the file sharing capabilities and the Cloud storage is something she wants to check out.

So these are the two dominant feelings in the industry on the introduction of the Creative Cloud. On one hand, Web Designer feels that the CC may affect his creative output and cost him a lot of money, plus bring his work unwanted publicity. Web Designer, on the other hand, thinks of this as a great way to connect with other industry leaders and perhaps market her own work.

This is only Adobe’s effort to curb piracy of its softwares and make its revenue steadier. But, there are plenty of Web Designer out there. The following months will reveal how well the Creative Cloud fares.

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