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Wordpress or Joomla? The differences in 2013!

Bruce Donners

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A common questions among my clients - Should you use Wordpress or Joomla, and what are the differences? Its certainly a valid question since they're both quite similar.

Wordpress have been around since 2003 and are most commonly known to be a great framework for building blogs. Joomla started in 2005 and are known to be suitable for more advanced sites. They both make use of third-party plugins to work, and there's a whole range of interesting developers supporting both systems.

I usually ask - If you've got more experience with either using Wordpress or Joomla you should choose that one! They're both very good systems, and its all about which one you're most comfortable with.

However, if you're starting a shop or a full featured buisness site - Then I would go for Joomla. Wordpress can get a bit clonky when using too elaborate shops. It feels a bit like someone forced a system ontop of Wordpress which wasn't really meant to be there in the first place. Joomla however, don't have the support that Wordpress have. Plugins for WP is vast, and many. If you've got problems, or want a specific function, you can be certain that someone, somewhere, has coded that plugin. Unfortunatly that tends to be a problem on its own, with badly coded plugins with security flaws. But that's another story, if you make sure to limit you to the big, known, plugins you're fine.


Some might claim Joomla isn't as good as Wordpress when it comes to SEO, but that's not true. You can get the same results with Joomla as long as you've got a good theme or template to support your site. Google doesn't favor a Wordpress site ahead of a Jomla-created one. It just wouldn't make any sense.

So I would say - Pick the one you're most comfortable with. And if you don't have any experience. Then go for Wordpress!

Thanks to Valdemar Webbyrå i Göteborg , for the statistics. We would also recommend visiting the support forums for both Wordpress and Joomla. There's a lot of talented people who can answer your questions before you launch your site!


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Utilizing WordPress Plug-ins with the Help and Guidance of a Wordpress Developer
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