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Principles for a Web Design Aimed at Children


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Crafting a website for the kids gives a broad horizon to the career of a designer. A designer can find many openings at businesses and schools, and also through parents and kids themselves. This avails the designer with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills on electronic as well as the print projects to appeal the kids. The sort of work may vary from an interface design for video games to the sites for the birthday bash. Bygone are the days when kids’ sites used to be effervescent and indiscreet, full to the gills with bright colors and cartoon typography. Auspiciously, the scope of the kids’ market across several product ranges has greatly transformed in the recent years. The majority of the sites designed for the kids’ now pursue a set convention that takes the kids’ vista on web design into its account.

The taste of both, the juvenile kids and the teenagers, seems to be penchant about the akin design attributes that even the adults are fond of; these design attributes embraces clarity, unique and high-quality content. Simultaneously, kids flip over an extensive range of interactive features and stupendous innovations. The latter part of this write-up tends to highlight a few kids and teen friendly web designing principles that a web designer must ponder before kicking off the project. Considering these principles will turn up as a great help for the designers to obtain more and more business clients who render web services to children, by manifesting an awareness of all the needs and requirements of this special age group.

Show Respect

Children are that segment of audience that turns up choosy and cosmopolitans surprisingly at an early age. It is advised to a designer not to talk down to them; they are not easy! Kids are high-strung to age-targeting and bigotry in web design. The most excellent shield for a designer to protect himself from the snobby and patronizing juvenile's is making an arrangement for kids to give a comment on the design in the planning stage.

Glue to the Plain Talk

A study says that kids prefer a plain talk just like the adults. Thereupon, it is just bootless to boycott the kids from the site by bringing its language, navigation, layout, or typography in an unnecessary complex form. Fundamentally, hyperbolize language and complicated text gambles turning the site into a picture gallery; this is for the reason that the more complicated the text is, the more is the risk of child getting sidetrack from the content. The majority of the cosmopolitan reader likes reading short and snappy language and fetch further details as required.


According to a research, the teenagers love interactive site features, for instance, mini-games, polls, forums, competitions, ranking systems, and 3-D interfaces. These interactive features are greatly valued by the kids if they develop a sense of community and promotes participate. Absconding these features from your website design Netherlands is absolutely not a good idea, since the children will soon discover the gaps and reweigh your Web Design Netherlands , in contempt of any initial interest.


To wrap up, a few more points of wisdom could be brought into spotlight as the fundamental consideration of web designing. Children flip over the oddball and the novelty, and adults face a lot of hassles making arrangements for a bash or an outing that could give their child a new and merry experience. Typically, a site designed for children does the same. Grill yourself what all you could proffer that would fit smoothly in their extant web experience and this would allow them to bring about something new that they have never done before. If you covet to do this, you are required to bottle the druthers to start on screen and shell out a bit of extra time in the planning phase. The reward that you will be blessed with is a much tighter fit between your design and the children for whom you are designing.

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