10 Nifty Ways to Prolong Your Visitors at Your Website

Kim Beardsmore

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Increasing the length of time a visitor is on your website will dramatically improve your conversion to sales. Use these ten points to check you are prolonging to stay of your visitors.

1. Offer a free ebook that's published right on your web site. They would have to stay at your web site to read it.

2. Give your visitors a different free bonus for each link they click-through on your web site. Example: “If you click on this link you'll get a FREE course!"

3. Make your content into a story format. They will want to keep reading to find out what happens at the end of the story.

4. Offer a search option on your web site. People will stay longer because it gives them the option of searching through your web site using keywords.

5. Provide a chat room on your web site. They will want to chat with other people that are interested in the subject.

6. Write your content so it attracts their five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and feeling. Of course you cannot directly appeal to all five senses but you can through descriptive words. If you use lots of adjectives to appeal to the imagine sucking on a freshly cut lemon, you will evoke a strong sense of smell and taste in every reader who has eaten a lemon. Use plenty of adjectives. They will stay focused on your web site and block out other distractions.

7. Add a “FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions" part on your web site. If you have a ‘contact’ area, people are likely to send you an email question and promptly leave your site. If instead you had a FAQ, your visitor is more likely to search for the answer they want and remain at your site.

8. Offer easy navigation. People will leave quicker if they have a hard time finding what they're looking for. Don't get them lost or they will leave.

9. Give them plenty of things to do at your web site. Allow them to submit classified ads, play interactive games, add their link, sign your guest book, etc.

10. Offer free online tools they can use right at your web site. It could be a search engine submitter, ad or letter templates, ebook compiler, etc.

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