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When building your website you might not have a large budget to devote to website design or a designer, so the best option for you might simply be to use free website templates. However, consider the following benefits as well as drawbacks before you decide to take this route of website design.

#1 Many Website Templates are Free

This is of course one of the best benefits of free website templates because you will save money and still be able to have a professional looking website.

#2 Make Building a Professional Website Affordable and Easy

Free website templates also make website building simple. They are ready made templates so all you have to do is download them, add your own text, and all of a sudden you have a complete and professional website.

#3 Consistency

With free website templates you will be able to keep your entire website consistent with similar colors, templates, and design. This is important for your website because it will appear more professional and well put together.

#4 Require a “Designed by" link

A drawback is that you might have to place a “designed by” link on your web page that will give away the fact that you are using free templates. If you are not interested in this, then you will either need to look for free templates that do not require this link or go another route such as paying for template sets.

#5 Web Page Won’t be Unique

Keep in mind as well that if you use free website templates on your website, you will not have a unique location on the web. The reason for this is many other people will have the same template and website “look. ” If this doesn’t bother you or will not have a negative effect on your website then use free templates. If it will cause a problem for you then you should consider alternate routes.

#6 Fast

Another benefit is that with free templates you can build your web page fast. This means you will have your website up quicker and be able to attract customers quickly as well.

#7 Easy to Edit

Most free website templates allow you to edit them, change your copy and logos relatively easily and in a very short period of time.

#8 No Programs

To use free website templates, you do not have to have any special software or programs that you might need otherwise if you are designing your own website with html code.

#9 Downloadable

These website templates are downloadable so you can have them instantly without waiting. This saves a lot of time and will allow you to get work as soon as you want.

#10 Changeable

The great thing about these free templates is that because they are free, you can change them at any time you like to update the look of your website or just change the look to make it stand out more from a competitor's.

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