Website Design Mishaps - How to Avoid Costly Errors That Can Crush Your Chances of Success


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Designing your website can be a difficult task especially if you decide to do it on your own and you have no experience. There are many websites and web hosts that provide tools to allow you to build your website, but if you have no knowledge of what works and what does not work in web design, you could be setting yourself up for a big fall. Review the following suggestions, implement them into your web design, and forget about being the guy with a badly designed web page.

Suggestion #1 - Not Providing Information

One of the biggest design flaws of many different websites is the lack of information. The best websites have tons of information as well as FAQ sections where you can have the majority of your questions answered immediately without having to worry about contacting anybody.

Suggestion #2 - No Advertisements

Web surfers avoid advertisements, blinking text, and banner ads, so if these exists on your pages they will simply ignore them and leave. The biggest problem is that often times websites do not have actual advertising, they do have a design flaw which makes certain text appear as advertising. You should avoid this at all costs because people will not look at this favorably.

Suggestion #3 - No Marketing or Search Engine Indexing

Another problem many websites have is they do not put much effort into website marketing or search engine optimization. If you do not focus on this, it won’t matter how well designed your site is because nobody will be able to visit.

Suggestion #4 - Too Much Text

Remember to break up text, small paragraphs, bold words, subtitles, and the like. If you do not do this and simply have a page of solid text, people will more than likely leave than put forth the effort to read your text. Be sure to avoid this!

Suggestion #5 - Change Color of Links

Make sure you allow links to change colors when individuals visit one link. The reason for this is it gives people a sense of orientation as to where they are and how they got there. If you do not allow links to change to the normal purple for pages already visited, this will cause annoyance for many web surfers.

Suggestion #6 - Don’t Include PDF

Don’t save anything on your website as a PDF file unless it is very large and you do not have any other options other than saving it as a PDF file. Regular information should be easy and readily available on the website without requiring users to deal with a PDF file that slows down the whole operation and is generally a pain for most Internet users.

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Website Design Tips to Boomerang SEO Success
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