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Perth Web Design Team Finds Site Architecture More Important Than Graphic Design.


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When the topic of conversation turns to web site design, the common picture that comes to mind is usually a group of talented graphic designers who are all working hard to come up with a visual masterpiece using sophisticated graphic design software.

While this is often the case – especially when Perth web design team GTP iCommerce (GTP) is involved, there are many people who confuse graphic design as being synonymous to web design and this is not the case.

According to GTP’s Perth web design team, a professional, visually appealing graphically designed website is a secondary consideration to building a successful internet marketing strategy and a performing web site needs more than just good graphics.

The Perth web design studio recommends focusing on the site architecture which involves considering a) What are all the elements required in the web site before design starts and b) grouping all these elements into an easy to use navigation structure that will make the end user experience simple. According to the Perth web design studio, a poorly designed site with a good architectural structure will out perform an attractively designed site with poor architecture every time.

Managing Director Dale Carter says that “a web site is something that is to be used and navigated like a map not just looked at and admired like a piece of art. By making it easy for your customers to find the information they want and then do something useful such as buy the product or request a brochure your site will perform far better than something that just looks nice”

The ideal result is to get the sites architecture correct and then use good web design to enhance the total visual appeal of the site.

This, according to the GTP Perth web design firm, is similar to needing both an architect to design a functional living space whereby all the bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas are integrated and well laid out in relation to each other and then using an interior designer to decorate and bring the spaces to life.

A poorly designed house even with good interior design will never be as appealing as a house with good architecture - as the interior design can always be changed. Similarly GTP’s Perth web design firm say that with good structure you can redesign a web site after a period of time to keep the look fresh while conserving an effective site architecture that generates sales.
Good Perth web design companies knows that the foundation of well conceptualized site architecture is critically important to building an effective online business that can expand over time without significant additional outlay.

To identify good site architecture for your business

1. Research extensively your competition via Google

2. Research similar industries in other parts of the country or the world. Not just your local competition.

3. Take screen shots and print outs of these web sites for future reference.

4. Referring to your screen shots, write down all the link headings and variations of link headings and then consolidate duplicate headings. (e. g. About us and Company Profile are the same heading just named differently)

5. Group similar topics together and functional features together

6. Use word, excel or a piece of paper to organize the links into sections and positions. Repeat this process for each main section in your site to show how internal pages look

7. Take this structure to your web designer to discuss, refine and design

According to Perth web designer GTP, by establishing a well-formed site architecture up front, you will save money in the long term. More importantly you will find your web site is far superior in terms of sales lead generation and online sales bringing you a higher return on investment.

Perth web design company GTP also recommends building your web site with a) a flexible content management system that allows you to add pages and sections into your site yourself within the defined architecture and b) a user registration or email capture capacity as well as c)an email and autoresponder marketing platform to communicate and convert sales leads.

Finally Perth web designer GTP warns not to forget that d) your web site pages need to be able to have search engine optimisation work done on them. Therefore your site platform should have this in place other wise you will eventually need to move to a more flexible platform costing you more money.
Dale Carter runs a Perth web design and internet marketing firm and has helped more than 500 companies develop and implement successful web site strategies since 1996.

Dale Carter runs a <a href="">Perth Web Design and internet marketing firm and has helped more than 500 companies develop and implement successful web site strategies since 1996. Visit


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