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Treat Every Page Like It's Your Homepage!

This is something you may not have thought about. The search engine “see's" your online business as web pages, not a single web site. Remember people will be entering your site on web pages other than your homepage. Your homepage may not rank well for a certain term, but one of the pages in your website may rank #1, so it is important to treat every page like it's your homepage!

With that in mind it is important to let the potential customer know what else your site has to offer. This article you are reading right now for example includes all same linking information (top, sides, bottom) as homepage. You can think of articles as doorway pages if you like

Easy Navigation Tip

You should include navigation at the top, bottom and/or sides of your web pages. This navigation should include buttons or links that allow visitors to “jump" around your site. This will give them the sense that your information just goes on forever (a lot of content) and it will make them feel comfortable about buying a product/service from your web site.

Just Say No to Keyword Stuffing, or Suffer!

Ahh, the fine art of keyword stuffing. What is keyword stuffing? Just what it sounds like! Keyword stuffing is a process in which you list hundreds (yes I've seen a webpage that had 600 keywords!) listed in their “keywords" META tags. You may also see multiple keywords being “stuffed" in the image ALT tags.

In the past a popular thing to do was to create about 100 or more keywords and make the font color the same color as the background, essentially creating invisible keywords!

This is a big no-no and a sure way to get yourself penalized by the major search engines. Remember these search engine companies have panels of highly trained masters working on their algorithms - don't try to fool them, you won't win.

Research Your Competition!

Research, Spy, same difference! To get started just head over to your favorite search engine and search for some of the Keyword Phrases or Keywords that your planned site will focus on. Take not of where they have placed their links, what type of information they are providing and look for a “testimonials" section so that you can see what their customers think.

You will want to be concentrating on the top 15 or 20 websites that are indexed in the search engine of choice. While you're there don't hesitate to take a look at their HTML source code. To do this click on “View” and then on “Source” located on most internet browsers’ upper toolbar. You should take note of the keywords and keyword phrases their site is optimized for.

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