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Website Success Getting the Shy Yes

Vicki Flaugher

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When creating your website, it's important not to hide your personality. People buy from people and people are who are coming to your site. Why act like a stiff robot or boring academic? It's not necessary to succeed. In fact, it harms you because people can't connect with you to build rapport. No good.

For some reason, many people seem to think that building relationships on the Internet is somehow different than in person. It's not and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you will have success. This philosophy of a human touch approach is at the core of getting the “Shy Yes".

How do people decide who to buy from? First, you have to be giving them what they want to get. Granted. But, ultimately, people buy from people that they 1)Know, 2) Like, and 3) Trust. Period, end of story.

So many website home pages, instead of letting people get to know, like and trust, go for “the kill". They immediately demand action for the most important thing they want their web visitor to do. This usually means a big fat sale. Sort of like those pesky used car TV ads. . . . yuck.

Although it's ok to allow a visitor the ability to take that action if they're ready and want to, it's not ok for you to go for it as your primary, first impression goal. (Some may disagree with me, but hey, to each his own. We are allowed to have differing viewpoints. . . )

Many, many people complain loudly about “being sold. " They hate it and run away as fast as they can. They will run away from being sold, even though they may actually intend to buy your product or something like it. Not exactly how you want them to react to your website, is it?

I liken Internet Marketing to falling in love. It's a dance, you know. A intriguing, respectful, “let them lead" dance.

When you first meet someone, you don't ask them to marry you. Well, not usually. . . but, all kidding aside, you ask them to coffee, or maybe ask them if you can call them some time for coffee, right? In Internet Marketing, that's called getting a “shy yes".

A shy yes can lead to a lot of things, can't it? If you ask for someone's email address, maybe offering them an incentive to do so, and you get it, what can that lead to? Sales, that's what! Giving people room to get to know, like, and trust you is tremendously powerful and will build lifetime relationships. Just like the dance of love. . .

This approach to Internet Marketing focuses on people and how they prefer to operate. It lets you be you and respects your web visitors as living, breathing, thinking people. It takes the sales spin out of it and adds the human touch. And it works.

Vicki Flaugher, creator of , is on a mission to nurture and empower the Emerging Woman Entrepreneur, the 35-55 year old female entrepreneur worldwide starting out in business for herself. The website is a resource and community site where Smart Women everywhere can learn the how-to of starting their own business, building their business, and enjoying a passionate and inspired life.

You are invited to become a guest writer on the Smart Woman Guides. If you provide products or services to the 35-55 year old female audience, you are invited to submit your offerings for review and inclusion. Visit the site today and get involved!


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