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Free Megavideo - How to bypass the time limit & premium restrictions

Bruce Donners

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To watch movies online using you need to avoid the 72 minute time limit. With this 2011 up-to-date guide we'll sort out which tricks work and which don't.

What is Megavideo?

Megavideo is based in Hong-Kong and is used for uploading and streaming video content such as full length movies and shorter clips. Its sister sites include the well-known Megaupload service and other sites like Megabox and Megapix.

Why use Megavideo?

Megavideo is an alternative to Youtube and since you can host and stream movies which can be an hour or two it's the perfect site to watch movies on. Using the old Napster trick the commercial movies are there, but usually it uses different titles so they won't pop up on Megavideo's search engine and be removed. How to access those movies, that isn't something I want to include in this article since it's sort of a grey legal area.

The annoying time restriction

Megavideo and its administrators aren't stupid. After 72 minutes it requests you to buy a premium account. Those 72 minutes is enough to watch a full movie. Almost. And if you want to see those last ending minutes you'll have to pay Megavideo. Quite smart, but not so user friendly. And reports are coming in that they have begun using a 40 minute restriction as well. So let's see how we get rid of these annoyances, for free.

What used to work - Now it doesn't!

There are a lot of guides out there - And most of them aren't up to date on what actually works. Here is a list of common strategies that won't work: Clearing cookies or changing preferences so Megavideo can't create new ones. That method stopped working months ago. Disconnecting, tricking Megavideo into working offline - That also stopped working months ago.

What works now? Using proper proxies! You can disguise yourself being another computer using proxies and changing them while watching a movie. But you can't use a webpage which you browse through proxies since they can't handle the amount of traffic which Megavideo movies require. Or they don't support Flash, the method in which Megavideo stream their content. You need valid, working proxies. One way of doing this automatically is downloading the Firefox and Chrome plugin Illimitux which is confirmed as working and doesn't contain any spyware or viruses. The plugin uses proxies to get around the Megavideo time limit. Another way is by using a Megavideo premium link generator! It lets you download the movie to your harddrive and you won't have to worry about any proxies, time limitations or a good internet connection. You simply put your address to the video you want into the downloading box and

you will start getting the movie. Most of the link generators won't work, so I'll keep updating this article with fresh new ones. Here is a working Megavideo bypass link generator . Getting a free Megavideo account is another way of sorting out your problems. Since their premium accounts are expensive there are sites out there willing to trade a premium account for a moment of your time, usually by asking you to fill out a survey. Here is one free premium Megavideo account generator which currently works. Paying for a Megavideo account. Yes, it's the most obvious one. No problems, just hard earned cash that will sort out all your problems. It has to be mentioned cause without Megavideo you couldn't view your movie in the first place.

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Free Megavideo

Good luck!


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