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Planning is the perfect slideshow takes time and effort. But with the help of a professional slideshow creation company the value of your time and effort will be priceless. Whether you're creating a wedding slideshow, reception slideshow, anniversary slideshow, graduation slideshow, birthday slideshow, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Slideshow, Valentine’s Day Slideshow, Christmas slideshow, memorial slideshow, or a slide show for any occasion here is a planning checklist you can follow to ensure a priceless slideshow production keepsake.

1. Choose the length of your slideshow production.

_10 minute slideshow

_15 minute slideshow

_20 minute slideshow

_25 minute slideshow

_30 minute slideshow

_40 minute slideshow

_minute slideshow (you fill in the blank)

_It doesn’t matter how long

2. Choose your timeframe.

_ Lifespan of main character/s in slideshow.

_Specific timeframe for each year. For example: Piano recitals for the last ten years.

_Is there more than one person’s life who is going to be featured in this slideshow?

_Do you want their lives shown _separately _simultaneously

_Is the timeframe very specific such as this years summer vacation?

_ fill in the blank for what the timeframe is.

_ - _ Fill in the blanks with the specific years or timeframes you want covered in your slideshow.

3. Questions to ask before choosing the photographs for your slideshow.

_Is the photograph clear and not blurry? Blurry photographs are hard to correct and the larger the image, the more blurry the photo appears.

_Is the photograph too bright or too dark? Although some corrections can be made here, if the photograph is too bright or too dark, you may loose quality in the photograph.

_Is someone or something blocking the main focus of the photograph? Unwanted objects or big heads in the way of the main focus of the photograph detract from the photo and does not give you the best quality slideshow.

_Is the photograph in focus? What you see is what you get – magnified.

_ Is the photo too grainy? Grainy photos do not scan well.

_Has the photograph been cut up to use in a photograph memory book? Cut up photos look great when done properly for memory albums, but they work poorly for slideshows.

4. _ Organize your photos by year or by timeframe. For example if your slideshow is going to span the lifetime of a person, organize your photos by year. Make separate piles for each year.

5. The pictures are now organized, but I have too many. Which of the best pictures do I choose? If the slideshow is personal and mainly for one person you can have as many pictures as you want and not worry about boring anyone since everyone loves to see photographs of themselves, but if the slideshow is going to be seen by an audience ask yourself these questions:

_ Do I have more than 2 photos of a specific category? Example: 2 photos of little Emily in her favorite Easter dress in 1987 is more than enough.

_Are the pictures similar enough that one can be put aside? You do not want to bore your audience, the more variety in the photographs, the more entertaining the slideshow will be.

_ Do you have 12 photos taken in 1987 and 4 taken in 1988? Try to keep the years as close to even as possible.

_Are there a variety of photographs of others? If you really want to entertain your audience, try to include pictures of them in the slideshow. Everyone loves to see themselves light up on the big screen! It will make them feel a part of your special event and keep their interest peaked to see who will be showing up next. In addition, include credits in the slide show when applicable. Give credit to mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, bridal party, and anyone else to whom credit is due.

If you still have trouble cutting down the amount of photographs, ask for help. A mom choosing pictures of her child tends to think every picture is worth showing – I know because I’m a mom – but if you ask dad for help, or a close friend you’ll be amazed at how much they can cut down the amount of photos to go in your slideshow!

6. _After choosing the photos look at them carefully and decide whether or not you want captions with the photograph. Captions can add to the appeal of the picture for the audience to help them understand what is happening in that particular photo. They can also add to the humor or sentimental value of the video. Not every picture should have a caption; for the most part the photos should be able to speak for themselves. Your audience may not enjoy the slideshow as much with too many captions. However, in certain circumstances, such as creating a slideshow for a loved one who is away serving in the military captions can be quite effective.

7. _ Now it’s time to choose your music. Hollywood producers will tell you that the right or wrong music can make or break a movie production. Choose the music according to the feeling you want to give your audience. Happy, sentimental, funny, nostalgic…. it’s all in the music. Choose music that means something to you or the person you are creating the slideshow for. Check the length of the music to the number of photos you want to use and the type of slideshow you are choosing. Write down your choices of songs, the artist and album below.

1. _ 2. _ 3. _ 4. _ 5. _

8. _Choose Video Clips – Adding a couple of short video clips to your slideshow can help break up and enhance your slideshow. Keep your video clips short if possible. 30 seconds – 2 minutes. Once you find the video clips you want to use, copy exactly what you want included onto a separate video tape. Do not send the originals in the mail.

9. _Consider using Voiceovers – This can add a sentimental touch to any slideshow. This can be done using a video camera, or with some digital cameras that take video. Just be sure to tell your slideshow company that you just want to use the voice, not the video.

10. _ View Samples, Choose Your Slideshow Company, and Place Your Order–There are many slideshow companies to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for you? Always view the online samples. To narrow your search look for unique and creative slideshows. Your memories are special and unique and should be treated as such. Stay away from the cookie-cutter picture after picture slideshows. Creativity and uniqueness are key elements to any truly stunning slideshow.

11. _Back up your photos. Make sure you have copies of your photos or the negatives. Slideshow companies are not responsible for what happens to your photos while in the mail. And unless you have a back-up, photos are irreplaceable.

12. _Pack your photos with care. Use proper packaging material. Always place 5x7's or 8x10's between pieces of cardboard. Make sure the photos and other material is packed tightly to avoid moving around inside the box. When packaging your photos place them in Ziploc baggies. This will protect them from any possible water damage and also works great for separating your photos chronologically. You should also place your discs or videos in Ziploc baggies. And always insure your package. Although lost or damaged mail is a rare occurrence, it’s always best to be prepared. And always opt for priority mailing services. The less time in the mail – the better.

Your time and effort is now finished. Your slideshow company will take care of you from here. They should be in constant communication with you and you should have a good idea when to expect your slideshow to be finished. Sands of Time Multimedia Creations creates unique and creative slideshows for every occasion. Creative anniversary slideshows, graduation slideshows, birthday slideshows, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Slideshows, Valentine’s Day Slideshows, Christmas slideshows, memorial slideshows, the list goes on and with Sands of Time Multimedia Creations your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sandra Clukey, lead slideshow creator for Sands of Time Multimedia Creations, has years of experience and an intense passion for turning still pictures into beautiful, sentimental slideshow video albums for people everywhere! View some of her samples: and experience the difference!


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