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Learn To Boost Your Business With The Social Video Marketing


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Videos are constantly grabbing attention across the globe. Because, it is an effective way to drive brand loyalty, build trust, and boost communication between you and your audience. Digital marketers have started using social video marketing as an essential tool for branding their products and services. It is true that social video marketing is not the only tool to propel your business, but a major one for the current scenario.

Here are some exciting tips for you to boost your business with Social Media Video Marketing!

Short and Crisp Video is the Key! The value-oriented short videos are one of the best ways to increase engagement with your target audience. It helps in attracting the right kind of attention, spreading brand awareness and improving the organic reach. As a leading animation video production company in India, we can say that the videos of 60 seconds to 2 minutes are all popular on social platforms.

The ideal time limits of video researched by Hubspot for various social platforms are:

  • Instagram Videos: 26 Seconds
  • Twitter Videos: 45 Seconds
  • Facebook Videos: 1 minute
  • YouTube Videos: 2 minute

What makes the video so popular? Find it below!

  • Consume information without wasting much time.
  • Keep track of the latest happenings
  • Be updated about what is happening around them
  • Get entertained at the moment before moving one

Social video marketing has become a great tool for marketing because 80% of social media content is consumed via mobile. You can succeed in building strong relations and increasing the number of social shares with an engaging video on your social platform.

The second key to social video marketing is to utilize the first 10 seconds! We all know that the first impression is the last impression. If you want your audience to stay for the full video, then you have to show something interesting in the first 10 seconds.

Animated Video Production companies in Gurgaon, while creating videos always make sure that the first few seconds of the videos make the audience curious. The script should include questions or facts that can make the audience curious to know what is inside the video. Engaging video content at the beginning of the video has the power to hold the users for full video.

Always convey an impactful story through your video! Bombarding your audience with the irrelevant videos and advertisements make, them annoyed. Because, there are numerous options available now, if you present your audience with stupid videos, they will instantly switch to other channels. Showing irrelevant stuff to the audience also decreases your credibility. Here are three things that you should include to improve your storytelling videos.

  • Introduce characters that can build a bond or connection with your target audience.
  • Add an interesting angle to your story. It helps to attain the interest of the viewer.
  • Before creating videos, have a clear vision in your mind that what you want to show.

A video producer should be focussed from the beginning while creating videos. Having clear objectives and goals helps in adding the value to your content. It also helps in maintaining strong brand by delivering proper messages about your product or services.

Add a call to action at the end of your video! What makes you know that the videos created by you are excellent? Your video content is only effective when it prompts the viewer to share it with other people or encourages them to act right after watching the video.

The leading corporate video production company in Delhi NCR create videos that are not only worth watching but also worth sharing. To encourage your audience to act, add different call-to-actions at the end of the video. Some of them are share now, watch more, learn more, share now, etc.

Explanatory animated videos are the new trend! Animated videos are dominating the digital market area because they are efficient in attracting attention and explaining the topics more effectively to the audience.

The animated videos are popular because of the ability to take complex videos and visualize them in a clear, informative, and engaging way. For IT industries and other technology companies, explanatory animated video production is a great tool for conveying their messages easily to the audience.

Social media video marketing has potentials to drive the engagement! We hope the tips discussed above will help you in mastering the art for producing video content. Create impressive and rich-content videos to make your business shine!


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Social Marketing - How To Use Social Marketing To Explode Your Business!
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