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The Keys to Viral Video Production


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When we talk about viral video production we usually mean things like the “Star Wars Kid” or “On a boat. ” Videos that have been passed on and shared by peers around the Internet through social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Blogs. These videos have millions on millions of views. Chances are this didn’t happen naturally, rather that some company worked hard to make that happen. General thinking is that a video with good content will generate the views all by itself, but it’s not JUST the content, it’s the seeding, tagging and initial placement of the video as well. In this blog we will share some important tips to get at least 100,000 people to watch your viral video production.

1. Content is NOT king.

Between 10 – 65,000 videos are uploaded to YouTube daily, so what’s to say yours will standout? It doesn’t matter how “Viral” the content of your video is, if you leave it playing on a TV in your attic no one’s going to care. Don’t get me wrong, the content is what will keep people coming back and sharing the viral, but there’s certainly no need to agonise over the best viral video production possible.

Here are some guidelines we follow:

• Keep it short 15- 30secs ideally

• Designed for remixing so that it’s simple enough for others to take and reedit.

• Don’t make an advert! If a video seems like advertisement people won’t share it unless its truly amazing

• Be shocking; really make an impact on the audience.

• Make big title statements i. e. “The Queen Snorting Cocaine, ” get the audience to think “Crikey! Did that really happen”

• Be Sexy, if all else fails hire attractive women to be in the video.

2. Getting on to the most viewed page.

Now we’ve got the video with our optimum content, how are we going to get the hits? The core strategy to marketing on YouTube is to harness the sites traffic. 80 million people watch videos on the site daily and most of those views come from people clicking the Videos tab. The goal therefore is to get a video on to the “Most Viewed” page. If we succeed our video will go from being 1 in 10,000+ videos uploaded that day to 1 in 20 on the most viewed page.

So how do we get those first 50,000 views to get featured on the page?

Blogs: We can reach out to relevant blogs and websites that we either pay or ask to feature the video. Sounds a bit PayPerPost but it is effective and not against the rules.

Forums: We can join relevant conversations and embed the video. Sometimes this might mean starting new threads with different accounts and sparking a conversation. This can be very time consuming but if you have people to help it can have a huge effect.

Facebook: Sharing a video with your entire Friends list can have a tremendous impact. Also create events about the videos launch and allow people to comment by tagging them in the video.

Mailshot: Email the link to your friends and associates that might be interested, this can be a very effective way to get people sharing/forwarding.

Contacts: Make sure everyone you know watches the video and try to get them to forward or share it on.

Each video has 48 hours to get on the Most Viewed page, after that it could be moved to the Weekly Views or disappear into the ether, so its integral this all happens very quickly and if done right it will have a massive impact.

3. Title Optimisation.

Once a video is on the most viewed page, how are we going to maximize hits? People see hundreds of videos on YouTube, so the thumbnail and title are an easy way to get people to click on a video. Titles can be changed any number of times so why not have a catchy title for the first few days then change to something more brand related after that. We’ve noticed a recent trend in titling videos with phrases such as; “Exclusive, ” “Behind the Scenes, ” or “Leaked Video. ”

4. Thumbnail Optimisation

Once we get on the Most Viewed page our video will be sitting with 19 other videos of excellent viral content! A compelling video thumbnail is the best strategy to maximize the number of clicks a video then gets. YouTube offers a number of ways to generate a thumbnail. The most common is grabbing a frame exactly halfway through the video. Therefore you can edit something very interesting in the middle of your video. This should be clear and ideally have a face or at least a person in it. It’s no surprise that scantly clad women get hundreds of thousands of clicks.

Please come back for the rest of Phink TV’s viral video production tips in part 2


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