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Viral Marketing Online Marketing to Bring Quality Traffic to Your Website


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You probably have heard of viral marketing right now, it is most commonly associated with videos online that are distributed on the internet. The idea is that the marketing is self-propagating and reaches a large audience without too much effort.

The problem I have with most of the viral marketing I see is that it is NOT direct response oriented, especially online. A good recent example is the YouTube video that showed how cell phones could pop popcorn. I was told by a friend that is was a viral marketing message for a company, I don't know if this is true but I do know that I could not figure out who was advertising what!

So if this was meant to be some viral marketing message, where was the message? I cannot even remember seeing any website name or any such referral information at the bottom of the screen. That would have at least helped to identify the advertiser. If you are a small business owner online, you want your message to be loud and clear. Yes, you can use such methods but at very least make sure the “eyes" watching know where to find you.

I know of a better viral marketing method that is overlooked by a lot of people, its called content marketing. With content marketing you create content in your niche and you distribute it to different content directories online. It becomes viral because you will receive a lot of people and even search engines visiting these directories to pickup content.

The quickest type of content to produce and submit to content directories would be articles. They do not have to be anything super long and fancy but they get the job done. Not only do they deliver traffic, they will deliver pre-qualified traffic back to your website or webspace online.

I wasted 17 months trying to drive profitable traffic to my website, but you should not do the same. Instead click here to get a copy of my “Quality Traffic Report". In it I will show you my results after testing Content Marketing vs. Google pay per click, you can use the results to start driving profitable traffic to your website and also increase your opt-in rate. visit


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Viral Marketing One of the Best Kept Traffic Secrets
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