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Tips on Using Video to Generate More Website Traffic


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Looking for a new way to boost your website traffic? Video may be exactly what you're seeking. Used properly, it's a great way to add hard-to-communicate visual information to the written information already on your site. It can be used to demonstrate new products, teach people how things work, or prove ease of operation and quality of a product.

Online video comes in two flavors: streaming video and downloadable video. Streaming video is what most people use. It plays from your website as an embedded part of the page and is almost certainly what you're used to seeing in online videos. Downloadable video is designed for people to download, save to their own computers, and then review at their leisure. Streaming video is probably better for gaining website traffic, but for any sort of tutorial it's a very good idea to include downloadable video at least as an option.

How To Use Online Video: When you're putting video together for your website, don't worry about website traffic at first. Instead, focus on your video as a communication tool. Video cannot be text optimized like written site content, so what you include in your video will have no impact on your traffic; you'll need to worry about that later, when you embed the video on your page.

Instead, use your video productions to give a complete, accurate, and attractive picture of the products you are selling. Look at them as opportunities for online demos. Your video is best used to quickly, surely, and clearly show your prospective customers how simple your new juicer is, or exactly what steps they'd go through with your new accounting software to set up and maintain books.

You have plenty of time in your online videos. Make sure you cover every aspect of your product. Break up longer videos into parts, so your customers can quickly and easily zoom in on the precise points they are interested in. Also include details like how to order, any guarantees you offer, and other information that will make it easier for customers to make the decision to purchase. (These topics should also be treated in text, to make it as simple as possible for your customers. )

The most important focus for your online video is the unique qualities of your product. How is it different from other fruit juicers on the market? How does your accounting software incorporate the newest rules from the IRS to make it easier to maintain proper books? Why should your customers purchase your product rather than one of hundreds of similar ones? Because this is easy to forget when you produce a sales video, make a list of the points you need to make and cover each of them in the video.

Finally, to bring more website traffic in, be sure you keyword your video properly. Don't put it up there by itself on a blank page; surround it with text that is keyworded to your product. Use the alt text codes in HTML to direct web spider attention its way, and explore ways to link directly to the video, using your keywords as anchor text. Google, since purchasing YouTube, has grown increasingly video-friendly, and a good well-keyworded video has a real chance of making that top ten page right now, when few people are doing it right.

To your online marketing success!

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Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.


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