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Video Marketing - Developing a Video Squeeze Page With High Conversions

Virginia Culp

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Have you heard the statistics yet that 51% of Google searchers in 2007 were looking for video?

That's a statistic we simply cannot ignore. And if you're an internet marketer, the time is TODAY to start to capitalize on video marketing into YOUR traffic arsenal.

While there are other methods of video marketing which include youtube videos, demos, training videos, and walk-ons, a squeeze page video is what is used to turn a web site visitor into a potential customer. In other words a LEAD. Why use video rather than text? The answer is simple. Higher conversions which range from 7 to 10 X higher than text and images alone.

What goes into a Squeeze Page Video?

While it might be obvious to some that you'll need some graphics, a video and an opt-in box, where exactly do you begin when it's time to start your video? Answer . . . the content.

What do you need? How long should it be? Should I have a voice over? All questions that might be going through your mind at this time.

Start with the end goal in mind, which is to add your visitor to your subscriber list. The first step is to sit down and write your copy. Ideally your message will be an audio narration. But for those who are unable to do this, you can still create a compelling video by simply using good visuals, some HOT royalty-free music, and text overlays.

The first thing you'll be communicating is to identify WHO your target market is. This is usually in the form of a headline and could even be a question. You might ask a question to help the viewer identify whether or not your product or service is going to relate to them at all. What are the challenges that your market is faced with? What problems do they have that your product or service will solve?

Since a squeeze video should only be about two to three minutes long, you'll be writing about 300 to 400 words.

If you're already an accomplished copy writer then you'll find the next steps easy. Continue to identify problems that your product or service solves - whether or not the viewer even knows that this might be a problem. It's important that the viewer is drawn in, and can visualize the “pain-free" result, which of course is YOUR solution.

After a few paragraphs of creating so much pain, it's time to move on to the benefits.

For this, you'll be answering the question “what's in it for them". This is not the same as stating the FEATURES of your product or service.

The final element is the close or call to action. What do they (the visitor to your site) do next? In all seriousness it's a step most often missed by video producers. If you want the visitor to click a button, then clearly tell them that. If they need to fill in their name or answer a question . . . gotta do that too.

Once you're done, proof, proof proof, and then record your voice over .

Remember to always keep your message simple and on point. Don't put too much into your copy, and make relate to the viewer wherever possible. Keep your “marketing" hat on as you work through these steps and remember that your “video producer" hat will go on next!

Ginny Culp is an internet audio specialist.

A composer, music producer , audio editor, and voice over artist, and owns the music production company where the internet marketing superstars come for THEIR audio needs.

Ginny writes and produces royalty-free music which has optimized for the internet and also produces custom music tracks for those wanting to “brand" their audio with unique music which has been custom-tailored and perfected to their requirements.

Learn more on video production on this free youtube video .


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