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How "Internet Business" Builders Can Generate Traffic With A Powerful You Tube Video

Megan Vaillancourt

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You Tube videos have become an online marketing trend to allow Internet Business Builder to earn money online. Since December 2005, You Tube has grown wildly as an advertising medium for Internet Business builders. Compared to costly online marketing techniques the Internet is providing tools and resources for Free that business builders can plug into and profit. However, there are definitely some right and wrong ways to implement You Tube Videos. Lets outline what you need to know in order to make You Tube work for you.

If you are interested in creating a powerful You Tube Videos to gain more traffic to your website, then you have to understand what type of videos will grab consumers attention. It isn't just about creating a video and uploading it onto You Tube. It is about understanding the psychology of what works for the Videos to allow you to earn money online.

So before you grab your cam recorder, or webcam, lets talk about what characteristics are popular for a Profitable video.

1. ) Funny- Everyone loves to laugh, and we love to make people laugh. If you create a funny video it has a probably of being sent out and creating a viral marketing stir. In addition viewers will watch the entire clip and that is where you will have the most people converting back over to your website.

2. ) Shocking - Now do not’ be shocked as a society we love the shock treatment. The more shocking the more chances that you will get news coverage from both online and offline news sources.

3. ) Weird - The Internet can be a weird experience. People enjoy weird. They may cringe or wrinkle there nose. But how many times when you view something weird have you gone back to show someone. Advice don't kept creepy or psycho weird I don't believe that will allow you to earn money online.

4. ) Inspiring - We love to inspire people. Change there day or mindset. Let them see a different way. If you can inspire someone to make a positive change in there life it will have a viral effect. These are becoming an immensely popular avenue for online marketers.

5) Create Curiosity - Curiosity is a powerful sales devise. If you can create a curiosity or interesting theme potential consumers will want to learn more about you and your product.

6. ) Sexy - I am sure you though of this before. Sex sells right. Just looks at the ads in the grocery store, or even our local television commercials.

7. ) Demonstrations - If you are uncomfortable in front of the web camera, but still want to utilize You Tube to earn money online, you can complete a demonstration of your product or service.

8. ) Personal - We are naturally a nosy society. We always like to get in other peoples business. Surfers are curious and like to see personal things on people. These can have great potential as it can hold a lot of the above tips in them.

9. ) Gross- Remember when Survivor first ate the Rat to survive. That caused a viral marketing stir. Or Fear Factor when they eat the bugs, worms, body parts we all cringed but we tuned in again to see what was going to happen again. I would use caution with this tip, take some time to define if gross would have a positive affect on your Internet Business.

10. ) Instructional - Show you online viewer how your product or service works. Almost like instructions from the packet. It can gain trust and interest.

You Tube has presented Internet Business builders with a free online marketing avenue to earn money online. But before you grab your recording devices plan on which ten types of videos you want to do. Create a script and have fun.

Megan Vaillancourt
Internet Success Coach - Founder and Creator of the Highly Acclaimed Mentors 4 U Team. Teaching entrepreneurs how to build a successful Internet Business. Teaching Passport To Wealth and the upcoming My Internet Business entrepreneurs. Megan completes online marketing training, and search engine optimization classes

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Internet Business - 3 Ways To Generate A Sustainable And Growing Internet Income
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