Need More Traffic? Optimize Your Website! (Part IV)


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There is one last step needed to move your website into high gear. This step is both easy and hard to implement. How is that for ambiguity? This technique is called linking.

In this case, linking is when one website connects via a hyperlink to another website.

Search engines such as Google use the number of links coming into your website to judge how important it may be to searchers. Links from websites that have a higher page rank than your website will benefit you the most.

When linking, you need to find links that compliment your content. On our Arabian horse website, we may get links from a website that sells saddles or veterinary services.

You could get a link from an online gambling service, but does that really develop your website’s theme and credibility?

Everything the customer sees should further your goal. It does not matter if your site is a sales site or a public service site.

You have spent a lot of time and effort establishing the quality of your website and the level of your expertise. It would be a shame to compromise it. Presenting a consistent professional message is essential to the success of your website.

The various search engines reason that if you have many inbound hyperlinks, then you must be a resource for other websites.

This will increase your ranking on the search engines.

If you post articles to the submission sites we talked about in part 3, you will start to get the benefit of inbound links as they are picked up and posted to other websites and ezines.

You will have to be patient though; it is not a rapid process.

The mechanics of implementing the processes we have talked about are beyond the scope of an article. Many good books are available to show you how to change the technical aspects of your website or you can hire a consultant to handle everything for you.

If you do hire someone, understand a pretty website does not necessarily make an effective website. Keep it simple, keep it effective and close the sale. Let the big corporations keep the showy flash presentations and watch your website become a profit center for you and your family.

For the do-it-yourselfer, try “Electronic Marketing for Small Business” by Tom Antion. It is a great book on how to market your small business.

Until next time, optimize!

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