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Link Exchanges are the most popular way for webmasters to get targeted traffic to their websites. It is designed for enhancing their web ranking with Google, Yahoo and the numerous other search bots out there.

But! What you don't know could hurt you instead of helping you! For example, If you were to exchange a link with someone that had their web-site banned from a paticular search enginge such as Google, how would you know? Did you know that linking your website with a banned website could infact get your website banned also?

Or, If you were to exchange a link with someone who has a link-farm! How would you know, and most importantly, how can you tell if this website is in fact a link-farm in itself?

Did you know that exchanging your link with a link-farm could get your site de-merrit points with search-bots thus hurting your ranking instead of improving your ranking? Don't Panic! Good News Is Here! My Name is Michael Taylor and I am a webmaster that has learned from trial and error. I am writing this ezine to educate you Not to make the same mistakes that I made so your link Exchanges are prosperous and YOU benefit, not just your link partner! And it won't even cost you a copper penny!

Did I say benefit you and not just your link partner? Yes, in fact there is a little known secret that I am about to share with you that no one is talking about. The information that I am about to give you is so dog-gone astonishing that your going to wonder why the “Geru's" on Internet Marketing" aren't telling you this! Why “SEO" experts aren't sharing this information! Why nobody is talking about this EXCEPT ME!

We'll talk more about “Link-Partners" in a while. First I would like to let you know a little bit about me.

I've been involved with the Internet marketing business almost five years now, not as many as most but enough to get Educated! I've had a few endeavors with so called “SEO" experts and “Internet Geru's" promising this and guaranteeing that.

I had spent tremendous amounts of money on E-books, Ezines and get rich quick gimmicks that promised to “set me straight" on my multi figure income business. But, guess what? All I ended up with is an empty wallet and lot's of worthless information! Has this happened to you yet? Let's hope not!

Now I'm not here to bad mouth anybody. I won't mention any names with my previous encounters. But I will name people who are above board and give you results! One person who comes to mind is “Only Ten Matters". That's the bottom line here folks. If your not on the “Top-10" of any search engine, your not going to get your website traffic. Period!

If you haven't found this out yet, and you will if you proceed in the direction that most “SEO" and “Internet Geru's" would lead you, you will find that striking it rich on the Internet is indeed possible, but will cost you a bunch of hard earned greenbacks to get the answers.

If you will keep reading my Ezines periodically, I will give you the answers (and the Truth!) for FREE!

You Get What You Pay For! Is Not Always The Truth!

Now, back the that so called “Link Partner". Now here is the Truth! Not all link partners are created equal! Did you get that? When joining a link exchange program, keep in mind that you are the ethical one, everyone else is trying to get something for nothing! I think that it is merited to say that again. Everyone (not everyone really, but most) is trying to get something for nothing!

A couple of programs come to mind that you might want to take a look at. and are just two of the many link exchange sites out on the web.

Here are just two of the many tips I will give you on link exchanges:

#1. If for any reason what so ever a reciprocal link does not respond to your link request “after the fact" that you have already added their link to your link page, within 25 days. Delete them immediately! They are using your link to point to them and don't care what points to You! Don't buy the bull that “maybe they are just too busy!" (Nine times out of ten if you look at their website, they are google rank and guess what? Your still trying to get to 10!) Remember what I said, your the ethical one!

#2. When you link with someone, make sure that their link page is infact linked to their main webpage. You would be suprised how many webmasters build link pages that are not even linked to their main webpage. How in the heck is the search spiders going to connect the dots? Fact is, they cannot!

So make sure you visit their main page and follow the trail. If you cannot find your link from their main page don't link with them. Again I say, Your the ethical one!

Well, there you are as promised! I will be writing more on Link Exchange's in the future. In the meantime, email me with you comments and what you'd like to see an Ezine on and visit my website. Thanks for reading, I hope I've helped you grow.

Michael Warren Taylor is a sole webmaster of Michael is a resident of Arkansas and has been involed with Internet Marketing for five years. contents of Ezine writings are the sole belief and experience of Michaels tenure of Internet Marketing Business.


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