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With so many website traffic plans to choose from it is really hard for a person to get a grip on the world of sending traffic to the perfect deal. You know that you have the products that will change a buyer’s outlook on life, but how do you push this potential customer to your web page? There are many things that can change the way you look at buying traffic. Some people feel that it is best to create a perfect balance of pay per click and links connecting to their website. You are looking for the magic key and there is a long journey ahead of you my friend, but many have been on the same road that you travel. Just be cautious in your travels, there are dark shadows all around you and the road may become narrow at times.

First you need a road map or a business plan to chart out the direction that you wish for your new business or web page to go. There is no doubt that you are wishing for the best but don’t let a couple little bumps in the road throw you off course. You are here for a reason and the Internet is the vessel that you wish to sail. Now that you know where you are going you need to make a statement of where you have been. How you have gotten to the spot that you are in right now. You need to get on your computer and type in Here you will create a press release to let the world know that you have arrived. Once your press release is complete you will click the submit button and send the release on its way. Then the people at will submit your press release to thousands upon thousands of web sites, news and media and serves providers worldwide were your press release will be displayed for a short time and archived off on to backup storage and databases. Just a reminder to pay the extra twenty-nine dollars to have you link add to the press release. This will come in handy in the future once you submit your web site to search engines and directories. There are other places to create a press release but this seems to be one of the better places I have found on the Internet.

Ok, now that the world knows you have a product to offer they will start beating down your door. No, it will take a little more effort than that. Now, you need to submit your web page to all the search engines and directories for their spiders to crawl your site to create an index of your page on their databases. This can take some time to submit your site to the providers that you feel are worthy of including your web site in their database.

There are two types of search engines that you will want to utilize in doing your submissions. The first of the two are the free search engines and directories. These sites will except your web site and may even list it at the top of their listings for a short time, until the web page moves down the list by the thousands of other web sites submitted. Most search engines and directories have a free submission process and are easy to submit your site.

Some may request a fee after you have entered your site to their service to keep it on their database. If you receive this e-mail do not pay for this service. To submit you web site there are many places that you can go on the Internet and buy programs to submit to thousands of search engines. Two of these programs can be found at (traffic blazer) and (submit fire). Both of these programs will help you submit to thousands of search engines. If you do not wish to pay for the service you can go to and enter the words (searchengines.html). Here you will find a list of search engines and directories to manually submit your site.

The second type of search engine is the pay per click service providers. This is a service that you will wish to pay for to receive. Some of the biggest and best search engines offer this service and will allow you to create an account. This is not the same account that you have used to submit your web site. Two of the pay per click search engines that you will want to create an account with are and These are two of the biggest and widest known search engines. They are also third party suppliers for other search engines like,, and This means that if you pay the highest bid to be in the top position on or you will also be the top positions on some of the other search engines. The top position is not the position you want to be for reasons that really do not make much since. The best way to place your ad in a position is to look for the gap. If the highest bid is 89 cents and the following bids are 82 cents, 72 cents and 39 cents place your ad in at the bid of 40 cents. This puts your ad right in above the gap. There are many ways to pick the keywords that you will use to generate you ad. If you go to you will find tools to generate keyword list and will also find tools to find the highest bid for a keyword.

There are companies that will sell you a number of hits for price. This is like taking your money and stacking it up, then with a can of gasoline dumping just enough fuel on it to burn every dollar. Most of these companies use pop up to offer the user a look at your page and we all know what we do when we see a pop up window. That’s right the big X in the corner. Don’t get me wrong! There is a time and a type of page that this would be useful. If your site offers jokes or graphics to its users then using untargeted traffic will work great. That is if your site can catch attention for long enough to keep them interested in what you have to offer. Targeted traffic can be used for the same type of pages but make sure that you can catch the users attention with your graphic layout. Offering free e-books, wallpapers and graphics will help to get their interest. I am not going to say that targeted and untargeted traffic will not work in the form of a pop up but if you try this method once or twice with no response you can save some money by marking it off your list of things to do. A few of the sites that I have used with better outcomes are and

Link exchanges and traffic exchanges offer a toolbar view of page with a 20 or 30 second counter to count the seconds until you can go on to the next page. This is a simple way to get people to your web page. The object is for you to put a small piece of html or java in to the body of your web page with a banner back to the exchange. For the amount of people you send to the exchange you will receive a visitor to your page. You can also surf the exchange pages for credits to receive visitors to your page. This is normally set up on a two too one bases. This means that for every two people you send to the exchange or for every two pages you view, you will receive one person to your web page. This is a good way to get your page noticed by the public. These pages are usually set up with some type of pyramid that allows you to sign people up under you to help in the promotion of your web page. Some of the better sites that offer this service are and

To buy text links seems to be a very good way getting people to your web page. This gives you the chance to get in to see where you ad will be placed. This will also give you the ability to see what type of page your ad will show up and how many visitors you will receive for the cost of the text link. When buying text links make sure that the area is what you need. If you have a product that will only be shipped to the United States then it would not help to buy a text link on a site with all Asian users. Here are two of the places on the Internet I have found to buy text links and

There are a few methods to create links on the Internet that I would not recommend. The uses of free for all blaster are NOT recommended. Free for all blaster are a type of program that you can download for a price from sites on the Internet and run as a service on your computer. This type of program promises to add your link or ad to thousands of web pages, classified ad pages and forums or blogs. This type of program is used as a way to harvest e-mail address and create a window for hundreds of e-mail marketing campaigns. They will create links on the Internet but you may get a lot of spam in your inbox.

Many of the top traffic exchanges
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Web Site Traffic - How Web Site Traffic Generation Creates More Buying Customers
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