Your Business Story In Leading Blogs And Article Directories Will Yield Very High Traffic For You


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Your Business Story In Leading Blogs And Article Directories Will Yield High Traffic in Hundreds of Thousands of Visitors

The whole world loves a good story well told. That’s the real secret behind that best seller novel and that box-office smash hit movie. This deep human hunger for a good story has remained unchanged despite unprecedented technological advances.

If anything recent technological advances like the World Wide Web have only served to greatly increase the world’s appetite for a good story.

Now imagine for a moment the story of your online business being spun into a best-selling yarn? There is little doubt that such a story would change your life. Yet that rags to riches Cinderella story of your online business is extremely easy to get published and get told with the objective of breaking all high traffic records to your site or blog. Thanks mainly to the World Wide Web and the doors it has opened wide.

This article that you are reading is an amazing rags-to-riches Cinderella story of how people’s lives have been changed and how yours too can be transformed when you grasp the simple truth or secret about the power behind telling the story of your business in an article.

In other words merging content with an advertising message in such a way that the article does not look like an advertisement or promotion in any way is the most powerful marketing weapon any online business can use.

Remember the offline days when a brief article in the newspaper about a small business had such an impact that the business would no longer handle the clients that came their way? Remember the impact that a very brief mention of a business in the prime time news bulletin can have? The response that a mention in the editorial columns of a newspaper or magazine yields, has always been much higher and much bigger than the impact or response from an advertisement in the very same publication. This is the power of merging content with a marketing message which is what PR professionals and spin doctors get paid thousands of dollars to do.

The net makes it very easy for anybody to creatively merge captivating content with their ad message and get their useful article published on a high traffic site somewhere.

Where To Tell Your Story For Huge Profit

What does a best-selling book or box-office smash hit movie have in common? Answer; a huge audience. Publishing anything online is the easiest thing in the world, but what you really need is a huge audience for your story. Getting this huge audience is actually much easier than you think. All you really need to do is use other people’s high traffic sites and suddenly, you have your huge audience.

For the purposes of this article, we will show you how to use two high traffic types of sites that will guarantee your article or story a huge potential audience. Namely a couple of high-traffic blogs and 10 high traffic article directories.

What Your Story/Article Must Do

Before we go into great detail about the specific sites where you should publish your story and the possible impact each of the top 10 sites will have on your business, we need to understand one very important truth in all this. Publishing your story at a high traffic site will not automatically give your story a huge audience. Just like publishing your novel is no guarantee that it will be a best seller.

So in order to get a huge audience for your published article, it must have the ingredients of a best seller. Then it must tell the story of your business so convincingly that most readers will be eager to visit your site or to get their hands on anything else that you have to say.

One recent article at a popular article directory had hits nearing 100,000 within a very short time. There is no doubt that that article was a best-seller. So what we need to seriously examine here, is what the ingredients of that article were or what makes a best-seller.

Once you know what makes a best-seller and are able to creatively merge useful content and your ad message into an article, the sky is the limit as to what sort of response or traffic that you can generate to your site.

What makes this best-seller game even more exciting online is that you can try to create a “best seller” every day or several times a day until you hit pay dirt. Most new writers or movie makers have only one chance.

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online writer and entrepreneur who has mastered the art of merging valuable content and ad messages like he has done here. Read the second and final part of this story in his free ezine. You can get it by sending a blank email now to


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