Viral Marketing Techniques You Can Use To Increase Your Traffic


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Viral marketing is one of the newest and most powerful ways to market your product or your Internet service. With Viral marketing strategies you can increase your web traffic tremendously with minimal effort.

I am going to show you several ways to market your product virally.

Viral marketing is all about giving away your own free product, ebook, article, software, or service along with your ad copy. Then your website or affiliate links are embeded into the content and take the visitor back to your website.

In turn, recipients of your free product are allowed to pass it along to their own clients, prospects, visitors and others as a freebie. This multiplies your marketing with less effort.

Here are some VIRAL MARKETING techniques you can start using right away.

Give a way a free ebook to your website visitors. Include a nice full-color ad for your most popular product line with links to your website and email. Tell your visitors to share copies of the ebook with their own site visitors and other contacts. Do a search for viral ebook compilers and you can find one quickly.

Many affiliate programs will give you free viral ebooks that you can use to insert your own affiliate links into. When your web surfers download, read these ebooks, click on the links, and make purchases, you make cash.

Provide a trial or “lite” version of your software with your website visitors as a freebie. Don’t forget to include that ad for your most popular product line with links to your website and email.

And tell recipients to share copies of the software with their own site visitors and other contacts. For help creating software, hire help from online bid sites like

Offer to host small business web sites on your server at no charge. In exchange, place your own banner ad at the top of the site for viral marketing. You can setup a fold for their site and they can choose their own domain name and have it redirected to that folder.

Design your own website or other templates, include your own marketing information on them and give them away as free downloads or as an electronic package. Grant permission for recipients to pass them along. Encourage them to do so.

Write articles about your industry. Include your website and contact information in the byline and grant permission for others to publish as long as they keep the byline in tact.

You can also use article submission service to do this as well.

Then people can use your contact on websites, in ezines, newsletters and other places where once again, viral marketing will speed the spread of information about your business.

Set up a Discussion Board on your website with your banner ad attached at the top. And invite others to link to it and use it for their own sites. Make sure that you will maintain the discussion. You can also post on other boards with a link back to your board.

In summary, by using viral marketing strategies, you can reach out all over the Internet with much less effort. See which methods work best for you and repeat them as often as needed. Keep persevering.

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Using Effective Viral Marketing Techniques to Multiply Your Efforts Online
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