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How to Drive Traffic to Website Without Too Much Effort


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You must have heard it before - Get Massive Traffic to Your Website! There is a way to do that which is beyond the hype and hustle of what most Internet “gurus" sell you in their e-books. It simply takes strategy, time and a few smart steps to transform your visitors from 1-2 a day to the massive traffic that you desire.

When it comes to traffic, repeat traffic indicates interest. Not just fleeting, tire kicking interest you get the first time one visits a website, but genuine interest in your topic, product or service. With repeated exposure, a person begins to feel more familiar with it. With that familiarity comes a level of comfort that a potential customer has which makes him a purchaser.

Getting repeat visitors is easy if you know how. One way of breaking down your visits is to assume that about 250 unique visitors a day are new people who have never been to your website before. What you will want to do is leverage this traffic and have them visit your site over and over again.

How to accomplish this is relatively simple. For example, you could take actions like having people sign up for your newsletter or you could offer a free gift. People love free gifts. If they do buy something from you, direct them to a thank you page with a surprise, unannounced free gift. People love surprises. As such, they will return again and again to your website to see if you are giving away anything else for free.

Try to catch their attention when they first arrive at your site. If you want them to return again and again, get their attention. Follow-up traffic is generated by emails going to people and reminding them that you, your products and services and your super cool website is out there. Make sure that every time they arrive something catches their eye or builds their curiosity. If they have taken action and you are sending them follow up emails via an auto responder, when they arrive at your website, there should always be something new and interesting for them to read, play with or consider.

Be sure to offer them something unique. It cannot be something that they will find on any other website on the Internet. It should be something that only you can provide or it should be packaged uniquely so that customers will be genuinely surprised when presented with it. In other words, it should not be readily available anywhere else online.

Even if you have managed to get 1000 visitors to your website on a steady basis, they should be made up of people who are genuinely interested in your topic matter. They should not be general visitors, but people who really like the subject that you are delivering. The only difference between you and your visitor is that you are putting up a website about something you are both passionately interested in.

Your visitors have to be very interested in your products or services in order to surf back to your website. If you create a community where 1000 like-minded people can gather and get news, info and tips on your niche market, you will naturally have people who buy from you in the end. So, make use of these tips and drive traffic to website without much effort today!

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How to Drive Instant Traffic to a Website
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