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The Shocking Myth Of Getting Rich Quick And Traffic Hits Schemes

Vern How Chan

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How Did That Guy Make 6 Figures In 3 Months?

You might have heard about some statements closely related to the above and sometimes you could even see figures far more outrageous than this. Now, the chances of this happening to an average person is pretty low and even if that happens you should be cautious about the source of income they teach.

Not that it is impossible but there is a shocking truth about what these ‘one hit wonders’ actually do to generate that kind of money online. It could be that they have a large subscriber list or that they already have a high ticket product that already has a pre-determined group of buyers ready to click on the purchase button.

Myth 1: Get Rich Quick Online Is Easy

Yes, it is true but the meaning rich could mean different things to everyone. So, even if you learn that you can get rich by buying a book and reading up on how to make money online in a weekend, riches won't happen that very weekend.

It often times takes perseverance and set of principles like first setting up a list and gathering interested leads from your particular niche. You need to also be an expert in that topic that will solve your customers problem and usually it takes a good amount of knowledge to deliver.

So, getting rich quick is like a myth if you believe that you can start from nothing at all and think that you will reap $100,000 by next Tuesday without any traffic, subscribers or even product. You need do put your hands to work and be a good contributor to society.

Myth 2: 100,000 Traffic Hits That Get You Sales

I honestly believe that you can definitely get good traffic if you work at a specific strategy. On the other hand, it is very shady that you pay $800 or something for a pay per click campaign or even advertising packages and expect to have sales.

Your sales come from a very basic principle of a parameter called ‘conversion’. You have to be able to not only drive targeted traffic to your website to generate qualified prospects. But also be able to generate a sensible amount of trust from them and hence able to convert them to a good set of buyers sooner or later.

Either ways, you could have to invest a certain amount of time or money in order to see what results you will get. Then, bit by bit you tweak the way you do things to be better performing and soon enough you should have traffic that gets you sales guaranteed.

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Vern How is a webmaster, author and a traffic generation expert. His website currently serves over of 4,500 unique visitors per month.


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