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Steve McArthur

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The number one question that most webmasters ask is “how do I get more web traffic?". Let's say you're into Internet Marketing and you've got a brand new Web site. You'll find tons of books for sale on the Internet about how to increase your Web Traffic in 30 days, etc. Don't waste your money, most of that information is not worth reading.

Web Traffic Optimization

  • If you don't have your site optimized for your primary keyword you're just wasting your time.
  • Be sure to put your primary keyword for each page in the title tag.
  • Is very important that your pages are optimized for your keywords and that you take the necessary time to do it properly.

Getting links from other authority websites that already have lots of web traffic is important. You've got to get links from other Web sites in order to get indexed by the search engines. Look at it this way, how are the search engine spiders going to find your site pages if there are no links pointing to them?

I know, you built it and they haven't come yet, and they won't come unless you do certain things. It's not easy, but you have to have a little patience. It may take several weeks for your site to be listed in Google, MSN, and Yahoo, which are the engines you will get most of your web traffic from. During that time you should be busy getting links to your site. Writing articles is an effective way of getting links.

Getting links can be automatic in some cases. You can sign up with a free service like Linkmetro and get back links from other web sites automatically. I've found that you will get a lot of links from sites that have no page rank when you go this route. Another, way is to put a linking script on your server so that webmasters can trade links with you without you having to do anything. I like this method better.

4 Web Traffic Tips

  1. Another neat way to get links is to join forums that you have an interest in and start participating.
  2. Don't make the mistake of joining a group and try to sell something in your very first post.
  3. Contribute to the forum and your sales posts will be accepted later.
  4. Be sure to put your URL in your signature so you'll get a link back to your site.

After you have been getting links for a while you will want to start checking to see exactly how many links you have. An easy way to do this is to go to a major search engine and type in links:yourdomain.com. This works for most search engines and will tell you if your link activities are working.

Your biggest obstacle to getting web traffic to your site is information overload. After you have been on the web for a while your inbox on your email client will begin to fill up with offer after offer. You'll be tempted to buy them all and what will happen is that you end up studying and reading all the time instead of working. Remember this and you'll do alright. Always do the most important thing to get web traffic every day.

Steve McArthur

If you are having problems getting web traffic for your site or getting more web traffic, this is a good place to start.

Tips and Tricks for Getting More Web Traffic



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