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The title of this article is catchy. But, this article has nothing to do with nude business girls. The title is there to prove a point. “Nude, " “business, " and “girls" are three of the most popular searched keywords on internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, along with others, such as “free. " As a webmaster or SEO professional one of your jobs is to choose popular keywords that will bring search visitors to your site.

New business websites have no chance at all to rank on page one of search engine results pages (SERPs) for mainstream business keywords like, for example: Business, B2B, B2C, sales, advertising, marketing, finance, insurance, mortgages, real estate, and career. Taking these, or other business keywords, and combining them with other keywords to be more specific can, and will, get your business site on page one of SERPs. When this article gets indexed in Google, I would bet that it will be on page one of Google if you do a search for: nude business girls. But, it will be nowhere to be found by searching any one of those keywords on its own.

Here is a small sample list of business keywords that can do well in search engine results because they are a combination of popular business keywords. Combining any of these keywords with city specific words – Chicago, Toronto, Portland, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle – will do even better with people performing local searches. Here is the sample list:

B2B Sales Leads - This is one of the keywords that I focus on for my site. If you scroll down to the bottom of this article, you’ll see that “B2B sales leads" is the anchor text of the link to my website. Putting your descriptive keywords in the anchor text of links also helps in getting good search engine ranking.

Small Business Resource - For websites that want to attract an audience searching for small business

Sales job salary - Searches having to do with careers and salary are too competitive. You must be really specific.

Full service internet advertising - Too many SEO companies try to rank well for people searching for “SEO. " The market for this term, and even this service, is oversaturated. Not only that, the layperson doesn’t know what “SEO" is as this is a technical term. Try instead to rank for keywords that the layperson will use when searching for your service, like “full service internet advertising. "

Free advertising and Marketing - Three powerful keywords that you would have no chance with if taken on its own.

Business economic indicators – people are always interested in searching topics to do with the economy like interest rates, unemployment rate, and CPI & inflation.

Free commercial liability insurance quote - insurance quote and mortgage quote are two of the most competitive keywords in the market. You must be specific.

Change management training - great keyword for change management consultants.

Customer service skills – Most people want to improve the skill’s necessary to do their jobs. A variation of this would be “management skills" or “sales skills"

Successful entrepreneur - everybody wants to be successful, right?

Choosing the right mix of keywords can make or break your business website. Remember that the next time you search for “nude business girls. "

Tino Buntic created TradePals to provide free B2B sales leads to business professionals, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and freelancers in major cities across The United States & Canada, from Hartford, to Boise, to Winnipeg, to Anchorage, to Jacksonville, to New Orleans, to Wichita, to Toledo, to Halifax, to Houston, and everywhere in between. Create a professional profile if you are a business professional such as a human resources consultant, website designer, CPA, architect, event planner, caterer, financial planner, office furniture sales rep, engineer, general contractor, insurance broker, venture capital provider, writer, or auto sales rep.


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