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Review Sites Review - Insoles Review


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Holy cow there are so many websites out there devoted to just reviewing things. Anything one can possibly imagine, there is a website to review them. If you’re familiar with internet lore, there is of course rule 34, which if you know it; you can via transference say the same thing for review websites. There are websites that review games, movies, shoes, insoles for shoes, pretty much everything! Here however we are going to discuss the benefits of having such a review, perhaps this is a review of the reviewers! It’s like a reviewception if you will; a review within a review.

Now, let’s take the aforementioned review site type for insoles. An insoles review site can be quite beneficial in general. While movies and videogames can be pretty subjective based off of the desires and past experiences of the individual people reviewing them, for something like a pair of custom insoles, it can be objectively reviewed whether or not the actual product from any given company lives up to the expectations as advertised. Reviews can come in from people who have worn them and can comment on their efficacy. Furthermore, simple cost comparisons can be made to show where all the various companies lie in terms of their affordability.

Now for an insoles review site to really be effective, it also needs to have unbiased and impartial people working for them. In such a situation where this is not true, it can obviously affect the judgment of those people who are publishing. As a result, they can adversely affect the market and tip the balance of the situation unfairly. Unless it is truly user generated. This leads us to another type of review site; that which is user generated.

A user generated website is one where the people who are visiting the website are the ones that provide the content for it. In such a situation, for the most part the insoles review s can be truly impartial, especially when they occur at a significantly high number. At a point, the opinions of a few are balanced out by the mass understanding of the many. Furthermore, it is easier to be able to provide someone looking for a good deal the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. There are real people behind each review and not someone being paid, sitting at a desk writing on behalf of one insoles maker or another.


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