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Russ Miles

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There are some “Things" that will never change ~ like my love for my children! Even if they do some “Stupid Things, " I am still going to love each of my kids. Sure, I may be dissappointed in them ~ because they don’t really want my advice and probably won’t take it. Maybe, because they don’t visit as often as I would would like? Perhaps, I feel that they could have made some better choices? Yet, these “Things" will not lesson my love for my kids.

I believe that my children know that I will always love them. I wonder if they derive a certain security from knowing that my love for them is a “Constant, " just as my love for My Lord.

Well, I feel that our websites are a little different. Yes, we do love them too. It is unlikely that we will ever stop loving our websites either. We do have a great deal more control over “Things" in our websites than we do over changes of “Things" in our children.

When we bring a new website into the world, it is our baby. We have all kinds of expectations for it. We send out birth announcements. When it doesn’t stand up by itself in the first three months, we may be a trifle dissappointed. If it isn’t walking by the end of its first year, we might ask if something is wrong.

As none of us were ever born good parents, we are not natural born webmasters either. Parenting skills are learned from our own parents, and by making mistakes. Most of us did not have parents to learn web skills from. We didn’t even have a web. So our learning has been mostly by our mistakes. Fortunately, there are many fine online teachers and programs available to shorten up our learning curves. If we pay attention, we can make “Things" better on our website by making changes.

Change is not easy. Most of us have spent a lifetime building credibility. The last thing we want to do is something that might cause us to loose our good names or compromise our reputations. We might ask, “What if people who are used to “Things" being the same feel threatened when we make changes or offer business opportunities?"

Well, I hope that if we really have proven ourselves over the long~haul to be reputable, like our kids, our return website visitors will learn to trust us because they are secure in their knowledge that we love them too. In fact, like our childen, our website visiters may come to realise that change may be good and return often to see what “Things" have changed.

Some “Things" should change. Like Websites.

Russ Miles is the author of the thriller mystery (reality based) novel, “For Sale By Owners:FSBO. " Russ, a NAR® (National Association of Realtor’s) Broker, was disabled by MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Now Russ writes Free Reprint ezine articles and maintains his website . Comments to


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