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Get 500% More Leads With The Same Marketing Budget?

Let’s start with the basics. A landing page is a single page on your website that is designed to quickly convert a specific visitor into paying customer, hot lead, sign-up etc.

Conversion Rate is the amount of visitors (usually a percentage) that “convert" to a sale, sign, up etc.

If you have 10,000 visitors a month to your website and you convert 1%. That would be 10 Sales. Now if you could increase the conversion rate by 500%, then you could now get 5 times the amount of sales with the same marketing budget.

Here is how

Example Suppose you are a lawyer at a big law firm that offers every type of Legal Service (Divorce, Corporate, Estate, Etc)

Now if you are searching for a divorce lawyer and need one fast, you do not care about any other type of law. You want a straight forward to the point

1. The first rule is to mark your target feel special. Create a single page just for them and market to their wants and concerns

Studies show that when someone is searching for something specific, they want to find that information quickly (in less than 8 seconds) or they will leave that page and never come back.

2. Create an enticing headline to grab the reader by the throat and make them take action NOW.

In the divorce law case, some really good simple headlines on the page might be

ABC Divorce Law Make that jerk pay! ABC Divorce Law - We secured over $35 Million in settlements last year! ABC Divorce Law - Free Make Up Bag With Retainer

Okay some of these are meant to be funny, but you get the idea

Now the landing page is designed to work quickly. You want your visitor to either, complete the sale, pick up the phone, or email for more info. Do not use too many graphics or graphics. Now would not be the time to tell the customer about the history of your company or any not related businesses offers.

3. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid! Yes sometimes the most effective marketing campaigns are the simplest.

This one is painfully obvious

4. Make sure that only your landing page target lands on that page. You can have specific advertisements point to the landing page. Then you can go ahead and test away.

Have Crack Marketing Design, Implement and Test Landing Pages For You.

Do you really think we were not going to try and sell you one more time?

We are experts and do this for a living. It may be time to consider investing in your business. Let us do help you to achieve stellar results

Typically Our Landing Page Clients

Increase Conversions By 500% Completed In Less Than Two Weeks

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