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Before you decide on placing advertisements on other websites, go through the following information on the various types of advertising. Mostly, all small to medium websites will clearly mention on a separate page (dedicated to information on advertising) the different types of advertising and advertising spots that they have to offer. Here are the most commonly used types:

Banner Advertising

Banners are placed on various spots on the pages of the website. Yours may be the only banner placed or it might be rotated in the same spot along with other banners i. e. your banner will be shown to alternate visitors or every 3rd, 4th or 5th visitor depending upon the number of banners being rotated.

Banners will be different shapes and sizes depending upon the various spots available for advertising.

Text Advertising

Your text link along with a description will be placed in particular spots. Text links can be in the form of classified ads placed on a separate page reserved for the purpose, as a listing in a shopping or resources directory, or as a ‘featured or sponsored link’ on a relevant page. For e. g. a text link for a website selling flowers may be placed as a ‘sponsored link’ on a page containing information about flowers, flower arrangements etc. There may also be other forms of displaying text ads such as ‘Featured Site of the Month’ or ‘Website in Spotlight’ etc.

Run of Site Advertising

Your banners or text ads will be placed on all pages of the website. Some websites will even rotate 2-3 different banners (for your advertisement) to break monotony.

Advertising on a Particular Page or Section

As opposed to run of site ads, your ad will only be placed on a particular page or all pages on one particular section or channel. The content on websites is usually categorized into various sections or channels. If you sell finance or mortgage deals, the ‘Money’ or ‘Finance’ sections of websites will expose your ad to your target audience. Similarly, if you sell home-decor products, the ‘Home’ or ‘Family’ type sections will give you best exposure.

Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders

Your website advertisement will pop-up in a new, usually smaller sized window (browser). If the advertisement pops above the page of the website, it is called a pop-up. If it pops behind the website, it is called a pop-under.

This form of advertising is flexible enough to accommodate graphical images, real media animations as well as a complete HTML page as an ad. Since the entire browser in which the ad will be displayed will be dedicated to your ad, you can choose to display only a large graphic or even an entire HTML page.

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