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Is Your Booklet Printing On The Right Track?


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Booklet printing can seem like a simple affair, but you can easily make it more comfortable for you if you know what you are doing. Since I have invested in booklet printing a lot in my business, I have learned a couple of special techniques that can really help most of us print booklets properly and quickly. For the benefit of those new to producing color booklets, here are the couple of tips I have learned that can help you out.

1. Using templates for quick layouts.

Booklet templates are one of the best tools that keeps booklet printing quite an easy affair. You might not even have to hire a professional layout artist if you do create or acquire a nice booklet template with proper layouts. These templates provide you with the fundamental structures, dimensions and settings for booklet printing and all you really need to do is just to place your own custom content and design elements to complete the booklet. So it is definitely a must use tool that you should get.

2. Using word processing features effectively.

Now, word processors have come a long way already since 20 years ago. In today’s common word processors, there are actually features that let you manage a booklet.

For example, actually can offer the automatic creation and updates of a table of contents whilst you write and create chapters for your color booklets. Some can even offer wizards that let you manage the creation of booklets by answering a couple of simple questions, while others offer quick formatting guides so that each booklet page (left or right sided) can be set with the correct margins for booklet printing. So make it a point to discover your word processor’s features so that you can quickly and easily manage your booklet creation without too much problems.

3. The write and format method.

Another simple but special technique you can use is the write and format method. Most booklet writers actually waste time in writing and then formatting their content at the same time. This actually doubles the time it takes to create and layout the booklet.

The best way you can adopt really is to write your content first in plain text. This focuses your mind in writing first. Afterward, once the content is finished, that is the time that you copy and paste your content into the booklet template. In this way you can focus on the proper formatting with the content already processed and edited properly. This makes things easier for you since you can focus on different aspects of the booklet and make it good.

4. Online printing.

Finally, to produce or print your booklets faster, you should try online booklet printing. Printing stuff online is already pretty common today. It is a simple process of sending your draft over the Internet and having that online booklet printing company produce and deliver them for you. All the printing, cutting, binding, folding and delivery will be done by them, and you will just have to pay them. No hassle and no problems for you. They might even print your color booklets faster that you can ever do yourself.

Those are the special techniques that should make your booklet printing on track. It can even go faster and better if you are really serious about it. So try these techniques out! You will not regret it.

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